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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business… in the Age of Covid

Many small business owners are scrambling with what feels like a huge change in their current online marketing strategies for small business. From having to close down brick and mortar locations, to the potential of losing clientele and revenue, online marketing seems to have taken a back seat to frantic day-to-day adjustments. How can a small business take advantage of this ever-shifting landscape? By taking a pause and rethinking some online marketing strategies that will speak to your current target audience (who is, no doubt, online more than ever right now).

It’s Time to Rethink Your Approach

Have you been meaning to make a bigger impact online but have been too busy to figure out where to begin? Has your dream always been to create a way for your target audience to get your goods online but you aren’t well versed with e-commerce? Now is the time to take a pause and rethink how this crisis can redefine your current online efforts. With new online marketing strategies for small business, business owners are able to take advantage of new and improved ways of reaching their current (and potential) target markets.

Tips for Shifting Your Online Marketing Goals

Right now people are glued to their phones, their social media channels, and their favorite online stores (to name a few). This means that now is the time to be seen. Taking some time to reinvent your strategy will not only help you stay afloat but it could potentially increase your business’s reach online.

Social Media Engagement

People are looking to social media for connection. Increasing your connection with your audiences’ preferred platforms will help you stay in front of them. Aim for engagement here, while posting is great to get the word out about your business’s current most recent updates or changes, communicating with your audience will make a statement.

Offer Your Goods and Services Online

Wherever possible, offer your goods or services online. Own a small, local clothing store? Consider setting up an e-commerce store with a handful of your products and allow that to grow as the purchases increase. Own a massage studio? Consider offering premium video content to your clients to help keep them relaxed and feeling well.

Opt for Delivery, Where Possible

As people are opting out of going to stores to pick up their favorite products, consider local delivery options for your customers. This is a thoughtful offering that will go a long way with your dedicated fans… and their friends and family.

Stay Engaged Through Video

People are yearning for human contact right now and video seems to be the next best thing. We all know that video hangouts are gaining popularity among friends and families so why not make your business’s offerings available via video? Think free video tutorials with the request of donations or teaser videos with the option to pay to view the full thing.

Offer Your Content via Memberships

Does video sound like a good fit for your business? Consider setting up a simple membership platform on your website where users can gain access to special content, unavailable to the public. Users can have the option to bookmark their favorite offerings, making them want to come back for more. If video doesn’t suit your business consider an online membership that gets your fans special discounts, free shipping, and the like.

Make These New Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Work for You

Ready to revamp your current online marketing strategies for small business? We’re here to help. With a touch of creativity you’ll be on your way to maintaining and growing your business’s online presence in no time. Get in touch with Eyler Creative for a free consultation on how you can take your business to the next level.

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