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Run Successful Social Media Contests

Social media contests are a great way to gain exposure for your brand, attract new followers, and create positive customer relationships. With so many businesses on social media, social media contests are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Offering your audience a prize for sharing your posts, liking your company, and spreading the word, generates new leads as well as creates more personable relationships with your current followers. When a customer sees that a business is willing to interact with their followers on this level it gains respect among their target audience.

How to Run Successful Social Media Contests

    1. Choose Your Platform. When choosing a platform for social media contests there is a lot to take into consideration. Do you want to gain new followers? Attract leads through visuals? Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for gaining new followers, whereas a platform like Instagram will be better suited for businesses that rely on visuals. Social media contests rely on user interaction. Take into consideration where you have the most followers, where you should gain more followers, and which platform will assist you with your goals.
    2. Decide on a Prize and a Contest Strategy. Deciding on a prize is just as important as choosing a social media contest strategy. What type of engagement do you want from your followers? Do you want followers to share your contest information and tag a friend to do the same? Are you looking for followers to share a picture of their favorite product your company offers and write why they love it? Whichever strategy you choose, make sure it will gain your brand the most exposure. Choosing a prize goes hand-in-hand with choosing a strategy. Make sure the prize you offer is worth your customers’ time. If customers have to take a picture of their favorite product that you offer, tag three of their friends, and sign up for your newsletter this will take them more time as opposed to only sharing your giveaway status on their feeds.
    3. Market Your Contest. In order to get the word out about your social media contests, it’s important that you spread the word. This includes running boosted Facebook posts, promoting tweets, and sending out newsletters to your current fan base. Don’t rely on the contest alone to get the word out. If your current followers are excited about your contest, they won’t mind seeing reminders via ads, emails, and posts.
    4. Set a Timeline. Make sure that your contest isn’t too long, or too short! Running social media contests take time, but you don’t want them to take too much time. The purpose of social media contests is to gain new leads through user interaction; if you make a contest too long people will forget they entered, whereas making it too short will make it hard for people to enter. Depending on what you are asking from your customers, social media contests can run anywhere from 7 to 30 days.
    5. Create a Followup Strategy. Once you choose your winner, get in touch with them personally and let them know they won, but don’t let the interaction end there. Keeping your customers engaged is a key to your success. Let winners know that they matter. After they win the contest check in with them to see how they’re enjoying the prize. Think about running a yearly contest for all winners – throw them in a pool for an additional giveaway. Customers appreciate engagement.

Social media contests are a great way to retain customers as well as gain new ones. For more information on how to run successful social media contests, get in touch with Eyler Creative today. Eyler Creative is a design and marketing agency located in Baltimore, and is available to assist you with all of your social media marketing needs.

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