E-Mail Marketing Strategies for Continued Growth

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E-Mail Marketing Strategies for Continued Growth

Though you may have once been thrilled about the growth of your e-mail list, it may have leveled off more recently, leaving you wonder how to get that growth jump-started all over again. While you should be congratulated for what you’ve managed to achieve so far, you may be unhappy if the glow slows or stops, in which case you should try some of the following to boost your e-mail marketing all over again.

What Is It Your Target Audience Is Looking For?

Everyone goes through this at one point or another. After an initial success, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in a growth slump, at least in terms of building your e-mail lists. Luckily, since this is a fairly-common issue, there are a number of ways for you to find your way out of this rut and to start getting things moving again. If some don’t work for you, then don’t worry: there will be others to try!

An important concept before we begin: “When you’re trying to overcome a period of stagnation in business, it’s important that you put all your energy towards getting out of that rut.” That means you allot a specific amount of time to this task alone, as it’s a very important one. Don’t let yourself put it off, or onto the back burner, and instead carve out time to work on this and to aim for some progress. It may take a lot of time, but you’ll see before long the (negative) difference that it’ll make if you leave this by the wayside for too long.

Moving forward, we’re operating under the assumption that you know who your target audience is. With that establish, you should also make sure that you know what this group wants. That way, you can tempt them into signing up for your newsletter or other list by offering them something that they’re actually interested in. With us as an example: you sign up for our newsletter because you want SEO tips, and we deliver on that by writing regular blog posts on these subjects. Just make sure you have a way to provide what you promise!

What to Do When E-Mail Marketing Efforts Level Off

Something that you may not have previously thought to use in your e-mail marketing is old pieces of content. More specifically, pieces of content that have previously done well and which have been popular. Take these writings and increase their value with something new. Again, with us as an example, I could return to this post, if it does well, and include a newly-made PDF of additional e-mail list-building tactics. This means that I am using a previously-successful bit of content as a stepping stone to even more success. Of course, this may not be enough on its own, but it’s a solid move.

Another step is to “create a brand-specific lead magnet.” or an incentive that is geared toward your target audience. This hearkens back to determining what your audience is looking for from you. This could be anything from “an ultimate guide” to “a video series,” since, again, it will vary depending on what your audience wants.

Have you tried any promotions? This is another way that you can boost your efforts so far to get things up and running again. However, this isn’t any ongoing thing, obviously: “You run your promotion for a particular period. During that time, you have to market your giveaway aggressively and manage it closely.” Once it’s over, you have your results, and the effort is finished. You can only run so many of these, after all, before they lose their gleam. However, it’s absolutely still worth the effort as long as you do it sparingly.

You should give all of these e-mail marketing concepts a try so that you can regain your speed in growing those lists. One is sure to work for you, so be patient and see what they can do. If you need some help understanding or implementing these tactics, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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