Engagement Measurement on Your Website

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Engagement Measurement on Your Website

What is engagement, really? You’ve probably heard about it at one point or another insofar as it refers to marketing, but it’s also tossed around so much that it might be hard for you to pin down its exact meaning and value. Engagement is hugely important within digital marketing, so we’ll try and bring you into the loop of what it is and how you can best manage it.

The Many Forms of Visitor Interaction

“Engagement isn’t just one thing or one number. It’s a combination of factors.” It’s also a major priority for a lot of digital marketers, particularly business to consumer (B2C). The first step, then, is to review some of the many ways that engagement can present itself and then to begin to form strategies for each of them.

Everyone loves to see that they’re getting a lot of traffic to their website, but traffic doesn’t equal engagement. You have to implement completely different strategies, ones that utilize content to capture the attention of your visitors. If your analytics reveal a long time spent on your site on average by visitors, then you’re on the right track, since the goal is to keep them there as long as possible. What can you do to boost these efforts?

Content marketing and sharing on social media are certainly part of it. However, not all interactions on your blog and on social media platforms are created equal. In terms of engagement, comments are much more valuable and telling than simple shares or likes. Though any interaction is a good start, comments show a higher level of engagement simply because it takes more effort for your audience to comment than anything else, which indicates that they reacted strongly enough to warrant their having something to say.

Keeping Track of Your Site Engagement

Do you send out an e-mail newsletter? If so, do you have a subscribe option available on your website? Tracking the signups is a big way to measure engagement, since people have to, again, make an effort to add in their e-mail address. They’re saying that they’re interested in what you have to say enough that they took that step. So, while looking to see what your opt-in statistics look like, also monitor “open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and forwards,” all of which can likely be provided by your e-mail marketing platform of choice.

Circling back to website traffic: when most people come to your site, they’ll land on the homepage, or on a landing page that you’ve been circulating. What is there that they can immediately interact with? Is there a pop-up asking for their e-mail address? What about a feed of recent blog posts? Give them some things to interact with and you’ll be able to get a better sense of engagement right off the bat.

Finally – and this is something you’re likely already doing – take a look at your conversions. If you’re making them, then you can also say that people seem to be engaged. After all, they wouldn’t turn into clients or customers if they didn’t feel some kind of connection with your presentation. “When someone converts, it means they have taken an action. We can assume they consumed your content and were engaged enough to follow through.” Therefore, if you’re able to nail down conversions, then you’re on the right track with your engagement.

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