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Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

Whether you’re a business that’s just started up or one that has a reputation and years under your belt, there’s no denying the value that social media can bring. It’s free to set up and to perform organic outreach, so there is a lot of value that’s provided to you without any cost. If you can figure out a plan to use Facebook in a way that’s appropriate to your business and goals, then you’ll find it can be a huge boon in growing your business.

Boosting Business by Using Facebook

Facebook is far from new, but its appeal and value hasn’t gone away. It’s still the most popular social platform even after all this time, which means you absolutely must be using it for your digital marketing efforts in order to establish yourself online as a trustworthy source of products or services.

If you’re a newer business owner or manager, then it might seem intimidating to use Facebook. If you’re a longtime business owner, then you may staunchly believe you don’t need a social platform to increase business. Facebook is both easy enough for anyone to use, with a few pointers, and is also essential for growing your business no matter how long you’ve been around! Let us help to guide you along those first steps toward social success.

Reach Out, Connect…Repeat!

“Social media platforms are an easy way to connect with the general public; hypothetically, you can engage with anyone in the world.” It’s no wonder, then, that nearly every person and brand or company has some kind of presence on this platform. Through organic (unpaid) efforts or paid ones (such as boosting posts or running ads), you can get your promotional materials and information out to anyone. Since increasing visibility is one of the first steps toward boosting your business, this is obviously invaluable.

If you’re already doing content marketing (blogging) on your website, then you have an advantage in that you have content you can share on your Facebook page that is already relevant to those who are interested in your business. Of course, before you begin sharing, you have to make sure that you have a business profile set up and optimized. This means taking the time to meticulously add all of your information, such as hours, services, and pricing, along with some “extras” like an auto-responder for chat questions, profile and cover photos with your proper branding, and more.

What Do You Have to Share?

With your account set up and ready to go, you can begin to really take advantage of Facebook in order to grow your business. Have you identified what your specific goals are, though, when it comes to this platform? “Most brands want some combination of greater brand recognition and visibility, more inbound traffic for their site, and higher overall customer satisfaction.” After all, “get more business” isn’t specific enough when it comes to Facebook results, and not all actions will lead to that end.

There are a few steps that you have to take to reach any of those goals, though. If you don’t already have content to share on this platform, then that’s one of them! “The basic idea is to create posts, comments, discussion threads, videos and other forms of content that appeal to your target demographics.” This way, you can get new followers for your business account while also boosting engagement with your current followers. There’s a lot more to it than this, but it takes a commitment to research and testing to really find your place on this social media giant.

If you need some professional help getting your Facebook business profile set up and optimized, creating shareable content, or just using the Facebook platform to boost your business,  then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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