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No More Tags for Your Marketing Strategy

A lot of people like using tags. Social media especially is a hub of tags: Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter… These tags help people to find more relevant content and to stay engaged. However, on your website, it’s not really a great practice. Not only are those tags not going to go anywhere outside of your website, but they also appear cluttered, and often like you don’t really know how to use them in the first place. From a technical perspective, too, they can be very harmful for your rankings. Experts in internet marketing Baltimore will tell you: it’s time to stop using tags.

What’s the Problem with Tags?

Social media aside, your website itself doesn’t really need tags. “For every tag that you add in WordPress, you’re adding a new page to your site.” So, you can imagine how big an impact those tags will have, the more you create. Since all of those pages are then pages that Google and other search engines need to crawl – and then, will find the content lacking – your site won’t be performing as well as if the pages were clean and free of all of these tag-based pages. A solid strategy for internet marketing Baltimore means keeping your website trim and organized, which is hard to do with so many tags and tag-created pages.

For those who use tags in their blog posts, this may seem especially concerning. However, it’s an easy enough change to make! Instead of using tags for those blogs, you can utilize WordPress’ categories, which will help to keep your content organized without creating a bunch of “thin content” pages (as a result of tag use).

What if I’ve been Using Tags for Years?

“If you have more tags than posts, you’ll have more ‘bad and thin content pages’ than you have high-quality content.” It seems obvious why Google and other search engines wouldn’t like this, and why they would ding your ranking as a result. If you’ve been using tags for a long time, then it’s worth the effort to go through and remove them, utilizing categories instead. This may seem daunting, depending on how long you’ve been utilizing tags, but it’s an important step. “The best thing is to delete and redirect these tag pages to something useful.” Cleaning up these pages and pointing them toward pages that are more substantial is likely going to be a bit of a task, though it’s certainly worthwhile, and will pay off in your rankings.

You can use some tags, though! Experts recommend no more than 30 throughout your site. If you go this route, though, make sure they’re discrete and out of site (never on major site pages, for example) where they would more easily be seen by your audience. Again, this isn’t the typical way to use tags, and visitors might be confused or turned off.

Advice from Experts in Internet Marketing Baltimore

If you utilize internal search (searching on the back end) and are worried about losing any functionality there, related to the tags, then no worries there, either! There are search plugins that “give you great internal search functionality, without getting on Google’s bad side by creating a bunch of thin content.” That means you can freely search and find what you’re looking for without sacrificing your rank, or causing any frustrations for your users on the front end.

If you need help cleaning up your old tags and implementing a better site strategy, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today for professional help with internet marketing Baltimore.


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