Holiday Season SEO Efforts Should Start Now

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Holiday Season SEO Efforts Should Start Now

It may just be mid-October, but if you’re thinking about holiday gifts, then you should absolutely be thinking about holiday season SEO, too, especially if you have an online store. As with gift-buying, you should try and plan ahead and make moves as early as possible in order to do what’s best for you (and your business).

Plan Way in Advance for the Best Results

Of course, the holidays aren’t just in the end of December. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just about a month away, and those are HUGE shopping days. If you aren’t ready in time, then you’ll be missing out on a lot of business (on and/or offline, depending on your business type). Avoid this by taking steps now to ensure you’re prepared for the end of November and beyond.

“ published an article about what they called the 45 days rule… It tells you to get your content in gear at least 45 days ahead.” How you do that is then, according to them, broken into the 45-days-before, 7-days-before, and 1-day-before periods. At each of those landmarks, there are steps that you should be taking within your holiday SEO efforts so that you can be as productive as possible when the time comes.

Whether you use social media, mailing lists, text alerts, or any and all other kinds of notifications, you need to prepare your clientele for the holiday season. Begin by promoting the holidays so that your customers will remember that you’re going to have specials and deals to offer them. As the time draws closer, you need to remind them again, in case they’ve forgotten or haven’t marked it down in their calendars yet. Finally, the day before (on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, for example), send out a final reminder so that you can say confidently that you’ve done everything that you can to promote the sale. This is just one of many important steps within holiday season SEO efforts.

Landing Pages, Social Media, and More

Holiday landing pages are a great way to draw attention to the specials that you’ll be featuring when the time rolls around. Creating and then advertising a landing page is the best way to focus customers on what you for them to focus on (as opposed to just sending them to your homepage, where they’re kind of left to their own devices). Instead, you can create a space specifically for this time of year and for whatever it is that you’re offering to them.

What else? “Social media like Twitter and Pinterest can play a huge role in the success of your (online) holiday sale.” This is where you do your advertising and promotion, but it can also be an avenue to share blog posts or other content that fits the ‘holiday’ theme. For example, if you sell furniture, then you could create a post about decorating for the holidays, share it to your social media accounts, and then link within the post(s) to some of the related products that you sell. It’s as easy as that!

Creating new content geared toward holiday season SEO can also help with your sales, particularly if you use this time to “pitch new products.” If you’ve been looking for a good time to announce a new item or service, then consider making it a part of your advertising in this late part of the year. You’d be surprised how the increased web traffic can make a difference (or, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised at all).

“Last but not least, we recommend you check and optimize your website for speed and mobile.” As we’ve said time and time again, mobile-friendliness and speed on those devices (and on desktop, too, of course) makes all the difference in the world. It could be the deciding factor in on which site a potential customer makes a purchase. Don’t neglect this basic website need!

If you need any help putting together a holiday season SEO strategy for your business, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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