Brand Strategy Development in Baltimore Maryland

Designing your image to reflect your brand.

Branding, Identity & Logo Design

Producing professional graphic design and branding solutions.

Branding and identity design are the first steps of creating a business. You have the products and services you want to offer, but have you taken time to think about what your company’s story is? Creating a branding and identity plan helps define your business and give it the roots it needs to flourish.

Custom Logo Design

We’ll work with you to custom-design the logo for your business or organization. We'll design several different logo design options for you to choose from and make sure you're happy with your final choice.

Tagline Development

A tagline helps to promote your business’ values and enhance its image. It should reflect your core values and communicate your vision. We'll help you develop a compelling and memorable tagline for your business.

Style Guide Creation

A style guide helps to ensure brand consistency and a unified marketing message throughout all the collateral you produce. We'll make certain your unique brand message is communicated properly and consistently to your audience.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We could keep talking about ourselves, but it’s much more important for you to hear it from our clients. Our core philosophy is “if our clients succeed, then we succeed.”


Our Logo & Branding Design Process

Our logo & branding design process ensures that your logo, branding, tagline, and more speaks to your target audience, achieves your online goals, and is exactly to your specifications.


The first step involves our team really getting to know your business, your industry, your competition, and your customers. This involves meeting with you, conducting some market research, and really drilling down to the core of how you want customers (and potential customers) to view and think about your business.


Once the discovery is complete, our team will develop a brand strategy unique to your business. We’ll present what we feel the promise is that you need to communicate and suggest ways for how it can be expressed throughout your business operations.


Your brand is the perceived image as a whole. Brand creation is the step where we create the story (or “personality”) of your company: how you came to be, why you want to share these products or services, and what they will do for your target audience. Through market research, we will identify what speaks to your target audience and create your brand so that it is rich and engaging.


Your brand includes your logo, tagline, colors & fonts, style guide, and brand guidelines. When we’ve completed the branding process, your business will be ready to launch its new brand to the world. A consistent look and feel for all of your marketing materials will help you maintain your brand, communicate your message, and attract new clients.

Stand out from the crowd

We’re happy to have a conversation with you about your business, its goals, and how we can help improve your logo and branding design to gain better engagement and get more customers.
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