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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an Instagram Account

Instagram is a close relative of Facebook in terms of business promotion potential. This social media platform used to be purely for entertainment and socializing, but has evolved significantly. If you are not yet using Instagram for social media marketing in Maryland, you should be. Here are five reasons why you should be promoting your business on this platform.

1. Good for Any Business Size

More than 1 billion people are active on Instagram, with over 130 million of these users being in the U.S. Many of these users are situated in India and Brazil and 66% of the market is under 34 years.

The younger markets are especially attractive audiences for growing business reputation and equity as they engage in significant spending. Create an Instagram account and link this to your website to get started with this marketing tool.

2. Content to Attract and Convert

Get started with content creation that is brief and entertaining. Instagram is typically suited to images but has evolved to allow for a great place to share stories. Engage followers with relatable stories about your business that inform and entertain. Make sure to add images that appeal to younger markets and add short videos to encourage sharing. Always include appropriate hashtags to increase searchability and visibility.

It’s simple and easy to use, but if you are unsure, get professional help. A company that is knowledgeable about social media marketing can take the pain out of this learning curve at any time because ‘clicks are great but customers and conversions are better.

3. “Regramming” Builds a Following

Regramming is a beneficial marketing tool that involves the sharing of other content to grow the business network. The more people you have that follow you, the more content your business can share. Increasing visibility augments the possibility of attracting customers to your website, which translates into more sales.

4. Customer Engagement

Customer engagement works differently on Instagram to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Business users become confused with these differences and give up trying to respond to customer comments.

Expert marketing agencies familiar with Instagram use special software to overcome this challenge. This software enables customer responses across various social media platforms, but it is always easier to get expert social media marketers to get you started down this lucrative path.

Once business owners become familiar with customer engagement on Instagram, they begin to appreciate this tool for what it is—invaluable to business engagement and growth.

5. Brand Building

Big businesses use social media influencers to grow their customer base. Influencer’s services are expensive but limited resources drive innovation.

Eyler Creative has a team of skilled individuals who are proficient in brand building. We cover everything from brand personality development to growing your reputation on Instagram. We also ensure that your branding is consistent across media platforms to enhance recognition.

Kickstarting your Instagram account is best left to the experts in social media marketing in Maryland. Eyler Creative advises on and employs valuable social media strategies to achieve business visibility that drives customer engagement and sales. Get help in creating your Instagram account now and achieve greater sales volumes!

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