Instagram: A Business Tool You Shouldn’t Neglect

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Instagram: A Business Tool You Shouldn’t Neglect

It may receive a lot of flack for its popularity with the younger generations, but you are missing a huge social media opportunity for your business if you aren’t utilizing Instagram. The photo (and video) app has come a long way in both what it can be used for and how people think of it, and if you are still taking a disdainful point of view, read on to learn about what you could achieve if you “Insta it.”

Get More People To “Like” Your Business

“Some of the world’s major brands… use this platform as a means of building buzz and strengthening relationships with consumers.” If you prefer to go by the numbers, know that Instagram had over 400 active users “as of April 2016.” It’s likely that these stats will continue to rise as businesses big and small continue to realize the value of the photo app.

You can think about it this way: both Facebook and Twitter, social media giants, have been previously thought to be frivolous wastes of time. Now, however, a company would be thought strange if they weren’t a presence on at least one social media site. Since Instagram’s numbers (above) have surpassed even Twitter, there’s no telling how large its user base will become.

It’s true that Instagram will not be a perfect fit for every business. It’s an app that is visuals-centric, and unless your work is naturally poised for those sort of posts, you may have to be a little creative in finding ways to fit it into your professional world. If you can manage this, however, you’ll be rewarded with the rising level of engagement that research has found to exist more on this platform than both Facebook and Twitter. Just work to figure out which technique suits your needs the best on this app, and you’ll be golden!

Hashtags Direct Users on Instagram

To begin your new or continued Instagram social strategy, make sure that your profile includes your location. Similarly, you want to post as many “local images” as is appropriate (just don’t overload your followers with huge amounts of photos). People like local businesses, want to support them, and feel more connected to you if you are a part of their community. Also, this establishes a piece of your identity and gives you a feeling of being genuine that other, larger companies aren’t likely to have.

Once you get the hang of posting images, try a few videos! They won’t be able to exceed Instagram’s time limit of 60 seconds, but this is for the best; people typically don’t watch much longer than that as the average user has a fairly short attention span. One idea for video content is to “highlight your local flavor by posting clips of your brand around town.” Of course, there are a lot of other directions for this type of content, so look to see what other, similar companies are doing and plan from there!

Finally, consider the use of specific hashtags for your posted content. One can indicate the area, so that it will come up with other searches for that place’s hashtag, but one should be crafted for your business. Find a way to incorporate your business name while making it unique and then utilize that hashtag in your Instagram posts!

It may seem strange to use this app for your business, but it can really do wonders if you craft a solid strategy. For help wrapping your head around the workings of Instagram, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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