Keyword Research Has to Be a Part of Your Process

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Keyword Research Has to Be a Part of Your Process

Whether you’re putting together pages, blog posts, or e-mails, you need to have done your research… and, specifically, your keyword research. How will you know what your target audience is looking for unless you investigate? You can guess, of course, but that isn’t likely to produce accurate results. If you take a bit of time and invest it into determining what keywords are being searched for, then you’ll find that your site traffic will increase.

Discover What Your Audience Is Searching For

“Keyword research is the first step in the SEO copywriting process and an essential part of any SEO strategy” That research begins with you determining what it is, exactly, that you’d like to rank for. Once you’ve determined this crucial factor, then your follow-up strategy should involve what you do with that information from there.

So, why is this so important? If it isn’t clear already, then the reason is that establishing a connection between what you want to rank for and what your audience is searching for is how you bring those people to your site. It may take some time, of course, and it may not always go as you wanted at the beginning. For example, if you run a cupcake shop, then you might want to rank for “best cupcakes” or “online cupcake store.” However, hungry customers might be searching for “desserts near me” or “cupcake delivery.” There might be some crossover between what they’re searching for and what you’d like to rank for, but unless you’re really overlapping, then you won’t see the kind of results that you’d like.

This is where the keyword research comes into play. Websites such as KWFinder allow you to accomplish this in relatively short order. You input a keyword – say, “best cupcakes” – and are given the statistics for that search (that is, how many people are looking for it and how difficult it would be to rank highly for that word or phrase). Even more than that, it provides you with a series of similar keywords and their information so that you can easily and quickly create a list of keywords to monitor.

The next Step in Your Keyword Research

Once you have this new and improved list, what do you do with it? If you haven’t already done something similar, then producing landing pages dedicated to your primary keywords is the next step. Once you’ve realized that your target audience is interested in “cupcake delivery,” you want to create a dedicated page for this concept… and service, if you can offer it, or if you do already. Highlighting a single word or phrase that you’d like to rank for with its own page is a great way to boost SEO.

Note that you may have gathered a lot of viable keywords in your previous research, so many that you’re daunted by the idea of creating pages for all of them. This isn’t necessary, so don’t worry! Pick the biggest 5-10, for example, and craft pages for them. The others can be incorporated with time and in other ways, such as in your content writing and blog posts. The beautiful thing about most CMS platforms is that it’s easy to add pages, or content, gradually, so you can come back to do so anytime.

There is still the difficulty of producing content, and that isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. No sweat! There are a lot of options that exist out there to have that produced for you, or options, at least, to provide you with a bit of guidance or extra help. If you want a hand in your keyword research, landing page creation, or content writing, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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