Generating Leads on LinkedIn Can Be Easy

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Generating Leads on LinkedIn Can Be Easy

Are you using LinkedIn as one of your business’ social media platforms? Great! Do you think that it’s helped you to build your business, or that it’s been otherwise productive? “No?” Well, that’s not so great. If you aren’t generating leads on LinkedIn to the extent that you’re satisfied with the work you’ve put in so far, maybe it’s time for a change in strategy.

Follow up with Older Leads

“More than 80% of B2B leads sourced from social media come from LinkedIn.” That’s a huge percentage! As a result, if you aren’t able to gather any amount of leads from this platform, then you’re really missing out. Rather than try a few things and see what sticks, consider some of the following tactics to avoid wasting time.

If you’re unhappy with your LinkedIn marketing thus far, don’t worry: you aren’t alone. Many businesses say that they aren’t pleased with what this social media platform has been able to do for their numbers. Generating leads on LinkedIn is often more difficult than people think. However, it can be jump-started by “finding the decision-maker,” or the people, or person, from the company you’re targeting “who ultimately make the purchasing decisions.” Once you’re able to find this person, you can more easily sell to them. For a ‘hint,’ they are likely within HR, Marketing, or Sales, and typically in a director-level position.

Also, would you say that you’re typically chasing new leads, or pursuing older ones? You should do the latter before anything else! You want to be thorough in your pursuit of leads, following through and getting in touch a few times after the initial contact, even if you haven’t heard back from them yet. “80% of sales need five follow-ups, but almost 50% of people only send one,” so keep that in mind. Don’t just send the one and become discouraged if you don’t hear back: keep pressing them for a response!

Ways to Start Seriously Generating Leads on LinkedIn

If you’ve been undertaking any content marketing, then hopefully you’ve also been publishing those pieces to LinkedIn as well as to your site and any other social media accounts. Having your content on LinkedIn is great, since you can share it not only on your personal and company pages, but also on the group pages of those in similar industries. You get a large reach in this way, and then others can see, share, and comment on it, all on this professional-based platform. Remember, “if you’re consistently educating prospects and solving their problems with your free content, they’ll be easier to convert.” You can even direct message certain content to some people in order to market to them more closely if you have something that was written ‘with them in mind!’

Similarly to the above, you can re-purpose old blog content and make it a little more tailored to the person, or group, that you’re marketing to on LinkedIn. Just re-work the post a bit and share it, and you’ll be surprised how successful it can be in gathering attention!

Do you know why you’re gathering leads? What will you use them for? These are crucial questions, and knowing the answer can actually have a big effect on your success in this effort. With your goal in mind, you can then put together a better, more accurate list of those you want to reach out to, and then you’ll be ready to make first contact.

Generating leads on LinkedIn becomes a success with the implementation of just a few strategies. If you need some help putting together a solid plan toward your lead generation goals, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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