Local Landing Pages Reach a Broad (But Specific) Audience

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Local Landing Pages Reach a Broad (But Specific) Audience

By now, you probably have most of your website put together and polished to perfection. Something you may have forgotten, though, is how to market it to specific locations in and around your area. Local landing pages are a crucial piece of SEO and allow people searching for products or services in a specific place to find what they’re looking for: you.

Boost Ranking, Traffic, and More with Local Landing Pages

How often have you carried out a search for something like “electrician in Baltimore County?” Including that location within your search terms means that you’ll get results that are more in line with what you actually want. After all, you’re not looking to find the best electrician halfway across the country. As a result, your website should fulfill this need for customers, and the way to achieve it is to craft local landing pages that will capture that kind of traffic. After all, “89 percent of people do local searches at least once a week, with 58 percent searching locally once a day on average.”

To avoid missing out on this additional traffic, you want to craft pages specific to particular target areas. You can utilize similar content on all of them, but it should be optimized by location keywords. To use the above example, you might duplicate a page about “residential electrical services” and make a new one with similar text, but “residential electrical services in Cockeysville.” You’ll want to make as many of these pages as cities or counties that apply to your business, and though this may seem overwhelming, the the results are very valuable.

Some of the many benefits that back up this strategy are: higher page rankings, increased customer engagement, boosted leads, and a leg up on your competitors. After all, not everyone is doing this, so you may as well get the jump on others in your industry.

Are You Connecting with Your Visitors?

So, how much of that copy can you keep the same? It’s hard to say. You can’t duplicate the pages exactly – Google will see this and penalize you – but you can write about many of the same things. Your service offerings aren’t going to change from place to place, after all. Something to consider is adding “local flair” to each local landing page so that those visiting feel as if you’re part of the community. Even if they’ve never heard of you before, mentioning some local spots may well endear you to them and generate a little trust, which is invaluable.

“A recent HubSpot study indicated a 55 percent boost in leads for companies that increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, and companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times the leads of those with five or fewer pages.” Again, it may take a lot of time and work, but, as you can see, the rewards are incredible. If you can create pages that are really relevant to those areas, then you can see this same kind of success. Just make sure that you remember to give each page a “unique” feel that will connect with that area’s visitors.

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