Small Business Digital Marketing Approach

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Small Business Digital Marketing Approach

Businesses of every size need to master the art of digital marketing. Without this “modern” practice, an online marketing strategy is essential in order to see success and to stay above water in a competitive market. Since best practices evolve and change over the years, even if you have a solid plan from the past, you should at least re-evaluate to ensure your small business digital marketing strategy is still up to snuff.

How Are You Presenting Yourself?

Do you know what “Google My Business” is? If not, then you’re missing a crucial (and free) piece of small business digital marketing. Your listing with Google is an easy – and necessary – way to provide information to your audience. Not only does it inform people as to your hours, location, and other text, it also provides them with endorsements in the form of the reviews that you’ve collected. It’s also a place for them to view photos of your business (if applicable), which provides additional validity.

We’re big advocates for blogging, and that doesn’t change whether your business is large or small. According to Hubspot, it can provide you with over 55% more visitors to your website if you are blogging. More than that, it’s crucial to SEO, and so regularly putting out blog posts is vital to boost your ranking with Google. The more new content you’re producing and sharing, the more likely you are to end up in the top few spots of Google, and the more likely it is that you’ll see an increase in the amount of people coming to your site.

Being a smaller business usually means highlighting that you’re a part of the community. Local ties can be very strong, and whether you’re new to the area or not, capitalize on the warm feelings of being a member of that community. If you give back, then even better! “85% of consumers will have a more positive image of your local business if you support a charity they care about.” Doing just about any kind of giving back will look great, and it’s something that you can talk about on the site. Whether it’s just giving money to a cause or donating goods or services, go the extra mile if you’re at all able.

Spreading the Word: Small Business Digital Marketing

Something that you can incorporate in order to get people excited about your company or brand is to run a contest. Utilize your social media in order to spread the word about what you have to offer and who you are. If you ask for responses from users, then you’ll boost engagement and grow your following (especially if you offer a great incentive). “If people see their friends and family posting about your local business on their social profiles, it will increase your exposure and increase the chances of them following you as well.”

Make sure that your business is verified on Yelp and other business listings that you can find online. Doing so shows visitors that you’re a real business, and this (and other sites) is a great place to list the kind of information that you provided for your Google My Business listing. Just make sure that across the web, your information is all up to date! Something as little as an incorrect phone number can irritate a potential customer enough to lose them as a prospect.

If you need some help in your small business digital marketing development, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to make sure that your desktop site is mobile-friendly, to help you to design and develop a new website, and, if desired, develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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