Mobile Friendly Required by Google Indexing

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Mobile Friendly Required by Google Indexing

What is “mobile-first indexing?” “It means that from now on, Google will base what it places in the index based on the mobile version of your site, whereas they used to index the desktop version of your site first.” As with all else, things are moving securely into a mobile-first space, so make sure that your site is absolutely mobile friendly in order to score well with Google.

How Does Your Site Currently Perform on Mobile?

If your site was built on WordPress, then you likely don’t have much to worry about. WordPress sites are typically built with responsive design in mind, so your site should look good and function well on desktop, tablet, and mobile. If you’re still concerned about it, then you can utilize one of the many mobile friendly test tools that are found online (such as Google’s version, here). This will let you know without a doubt whether or not your site is optimized for mobile view, or if you have some work to do.

What is the UX – user experience – like on your mobile site? Most people are going to be browsing this way, after all. Google has officially decreed that hamburger/pancake menus are acceptable for this view, and it’s also fine to utilize tabs to organize content. Whatever you have to do to make the user experience a smooth one on mobile, do it. Your visitors will thank you.

Do you find yourself doing a lot of reading on your phone? Probably not. People don’t like to squint down at a tiny screen for a long period of time to decipher text, and good mobile design won’t make them do this. As such, you may need to do a bit of tweaking to your desktop content so that it’s broken up accordingly and spaced out well. The font size should be larger, the colors shouldn’t blind you, and there should be enough space that you give their eyes regular breaks.

Steps to Ensure Your Efforts Meet Mobile Friendly Standards

Though most activity these days is a result of mobile browsing, that isn’t necessarily the case for your site. Look into your analytics reports and see what your largest sources of incoming traffic are and make decisions based on that information. For example, you may have just a little bit of traffic coming from mobile, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your optimization. In addition, “if your search traffic is mostly from mobile Search Result Pages, make sure to optimize your mobile snippet in our snippet preview.”

Though it can be alarming any time Google unveils one change or another, you don’t have to worry. They’re just trying to make a better browsing experience for all of us! To this end, read up on what they’re saying about indexing, mobile friendly design, and more so that you can keep your site in their good graces.

There’s usually room for improvement in design, UX, and other areas, so do regular checks of your website and take stock of what you might tweak to keep things modern and aligned with your goals. Making sure that your desktop and mobile sites are both as user friendly as possible will go a long way to boost your SEO efforts and rankings.

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