Mobile Optimization for Google Searches

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Mobile Optimization for Google Searches

We’ve said it before: now is the time for your website to work (and look) like a dream in mobile. More people are browsing on their phone or tablet than on a desktop, so if you haven’t undertaken serious mobile optimization for your website, then they’re not likely going to stay long.

Ensuring Performance Across All Devices

Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to have a site that looks and performs well on a mobile device. “If your mobile site isn’t in the top few spots [of Google], people will find alternative pages to click.” That is, you have to make sure that your optimization efforts are geared not only toward the user experience, but also toward Google.

It doesn’t seem as if this is a fleeting trend, which means that you have to make changes now to make sure you aren’t falling behind. To begin, you have to make sure that you’re doing well with speed. “Getting your mobile site to load just one second faster can increase conversions by up to 27%,” which means a single second could boost your conversation rate by almost a third! Naturally, the opposite is true, too: sites that are slower will have a much higher bounce rate, meaning people ‘bounce’ back from your page to the search results and try something else. This – a high bounce rate – is one of many factors that will tell Google that you should be lower in ranking.

You don’t want that, so what can you do to speed things up? Begin from the ground up and opt for a more responsive design when putting together the site. Mobile optimization calls for web design that responds well at any size and orientation. There are dozens of different smart phone and tablet varieties with each having varying screen sizes, meaning that you have to ensure your site performs optimally on all of them.

Google Can Guide You Toward Better Mobile Optimization

You may have already guessed this next one, or even taken care of it on your site, but you have to re-size (compress) your images so that they aren’t enormous, taking the site forever to load them, and the rest of the page. More than that, though, you don’t want to make them smaller in such a way that negatively impacts their quality. Use just about any image editing software to scale down the image, making sure that they haven’t become grainy in the process. Then, you can add them into the site in place of the larger versions.

Aren’t sure if your mobile optimization efforts have been working? Don’t worry, there are tools for everything these days. You can visit a site like Google’s “mobile-friendly test”… and what better, since you’re trying to score well with Google anyway? This site will let you know if you’ve done a good job optimizing your site, or if it needs a bit more work.

Finally, if you can, follow Google’s announcements about any and all changes to the algorithm. If they’re going to be docking points for a feature – say, pop-ups – then you should listen and take action accordingly. Since they’re the ones that you’re trying to appeal to with this process, it’d be wise to follow their advice and make the recommended changes. You may be surprised the difference that it makes whether designers heed what Google has to say or not!

If you want to learn more about mobile optimization strategies that can help you to rank more highly with Google, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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