Why Email Marketing is Still Important

We talk a lot about social media this and social media that…Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc…but when you want to turn potential customers into new customers, or encourage existing customers to make another purchase – email marketing is critical. But, how can you do email marketing correctly so that it converts receivers to customers? We can help.

First, your email marketing list needs to be a “clean” list. You have to ask people if it’s okay for you to send them email. We all get enough junk email that fills up our in boxes. When you ask for people’s email address, make sure you have them “opt in” to receive news, promotions, coupons from your company via email. Most customers don’t mind you sending them email, if there’s something in it for them. Typically, that “it” is an incentive, a coupon, a special invitation – something that makes your email valuable.

Next, let’s talk about presentation. I get emails all the time that are generic, template-based, boring looking emails. Most of the time, I glance at them and then click the delete button. I figure, if they haven’t spent the time and effort to make their email design look and feel compelling – then chances are the text content isn’t compelling either. In the trash it goes. The point here is that your email campaigns are important, and they should look that way. Design and layout of your email shouldn’t be an after thought. The design of the email should be as important as the message contained in the email. Make the design compelling, and people will actually read your email…a rarity these days…

Now, what about the actual message of the email? Your message should be personal and engaging. Your message should be tailored to you audience. Your message should be simple. Your message to should have a call-to-action. Many clients think they should tell their email recipients everything they want them to know in one email. Then, they end up with an email that’s laden with text. It’s too much. Your recipient’s time is important. No one wants to spend more than a few seconds reading your email. If you’ve got a lot to say, provide an excerpt in your email and then engage the recipient to click-through to your website to delve deeper. If your email is compelling and the recipient is interested, they will click-through to your website. And, you’d rather have them reading on your website, than reading your email. On your website, you’ve got a better chance at converting that email recipient into an actual customer.

Need help managing your email list, designing a custom email, crafting a compelling message? Let us help.

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