Website Optimization for a Single-Page Site

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Website Optimization for a Single-Page Site

Those who have a bigger website with dozens of underlying pages may have to take a little more time to optimize, but they have a lot of room to carry out their keyword strategy and a lot of content to aim for rankings in Google. If you have a single page site, though, then website optimization might seem like a much larger challenge.

Getting Your Content Laser-Focused

One-page sites are a lot more popular right now than they used to be. This modern design trend has a “streamlined experience” in mind, presenting just the bare-bones, essential details on their website… and nothing more. However, where multi-page, traditional sites have their many pages to rank for various keywords, a one-page site would likely want to try and rank for multiple keywords on that one page. This means, of course, that that already-curtailed content would have to be even more strategically-written in order to incorporate those keywords both effectively and naturally.

A single page site is difficult to optimize, as you may have guessed, do to the lack of “real estate.” However, it isn’t impossible! There just has to be a dedicated and laser-focused effort made to tie in keywords so that they are performing well, but don’t stand out in a way that is distracting or strange to your visitors. The way to begin this is to ensure that you “group related content.” Headings, internal links, image alt tags, and, of course, body text in that section all need to be targeted to your chosen keyword. Make sure to hit all of the meta data in order to check those SEO boxes, including things like image file names and other unseen elements.

If you want to have a strong ranking for your one-page website, then it’s absolutely essential that your site loads quickly. Page speed is almost important, but single-page sites can load notoriously slowly. You could fill a book with ways to increase your site speed, but feel free to take a look at some of our other posts in the meantime to get some ideas.

Working on Single-Page Website Optimization

One of the benefits of larger sites is that they can use additional posts or pages to “refresh” their content in order to score some ongoing points with Google. Don’t worry: this is still possible with a website optimization of a single-page site. “Rewrite your sections now and then to align them with current events, for instance.” If you have a section that could be used for a monthly column, a product or service information spotlight, or an employee feature, for example, then you can achieve this fresh content without having more than a single page.

Something to note is that it’s possible to track your analytics per section with something like Google Analytics, but make sure that you ask for some help if you need it! Tracking per section, rather than per page, can get tricky if you aren’t well-versed with the application.

It can get tricky to undertake a website effort on a single page, but it’s doable. If you want to learn more about website optimization strategies to rank for a single-page site, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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