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PPC as a Business Aid During Financial Crisis

PPC, or pay-per-click, may not seem like an intuitive way to help your business during this time of Covid if you are struggling financially. However, advertising online can actually be a boon for your company if you know how to run a successful pay-per-click campaign. If you’re not sure how to get started, though, or aren’t sure of the investment, then read on below to learn more.

Is Your Industry Viable During Covid?

“Search marketing is adaptable, measurable, and when done correctly, cost effective. Even with shifting data models, PPC pros can use timely trends to guide strategic decisions.” Consumer behavior is obviously different now than usual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of the same tactics as before with some adjustments.

This does all depend on the industry, but some trends have begun to show themselves already. The automotive and consumer packaged goods sectors have seen surges in the last few weeks, and even the travel industry – which saw an understandable drop – has been seeing an uptick again. Travel and hospitality have taken a big hit, but they’ll bounce back in a big way when it’s safe to do those things again because of the simple fact that people are chomping at the bit to get out of their homes.

Reaching Your Target Audience (and Beyond) with PPC

For any industry that has been using e-commerce, there are opportunities available. For example, for the first time in recent history, small businesses have a leg up on companies like Amazon. Since larger retailers are currently overwhelmed by orders and are seeing delays, small businesses that can ship more quickly are more desirable than ever, even at an increased cost. In addition, if you can offer alternatives to “must-have” products – like custom-made masks, rather than surgical masks – then consumers will have an interest.

If you provide goods or services that can help people to get through this period – that is, if you sell things that aren’t essential goods, but are instead distractions and fun items to take their minds off of things and to make staying at home more enjoyable – then you’ll do well, too. Think about what you could add to your online store that will appeal to people during this time!

Finally, “Google announced search results on the Google Shopping tab will now include free listings, so any business that sells things should fast-track getting their Merchant Feed into Google.” The free real estate is a nice bonus for a tricky time for online retailers.

Resonating and Re-valuating

Part of your online ads management – and your general marketing strategy – will have to include tweaked messaging to speak to the current situation. People are wearied of the “we are all in this together” already, so try and come up with creative messaging that fits your business’s personality while benefiting your customers. For example, if you are an eatery, then appeal to lower energy levels and resulting lack in desire to cook dinner with a discount on delivery. If you’re a yoga studio, consider online, streaming classes to reach your clients from the safety of their homes.

While you’re adjusting messaging, take another look at your general budget and spend. You may want to move some of it around to put into the efforts best-suited for this current environment, such as into reaching people who are at home on their computers all day. Even a small budget put into PPC and other digital marketing efforts can help increase your ROI now and/or set you up for a big success once society creeps back to “normal.”

If you have questions or concerns about online marketing and advertising during Covid and beyond,  then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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