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Are Social Media Ads Worth the Money?

Social media is a huge part of the lives of millions of people around the world. It’s also a great way to reach potential customers and keep up with current buyers or subscribers so they stay engaged with your business, but is it worth the money? For more information about social media marketing in Maryland, Eyler Creative is here to help. With over $40 billion spent in 2020 on social media ad campaigns and an estimated $63 billion to be spent this year, we want to help you get your ads out there, get noticed, and get results.

What Are Paid Social Media Ads?

Paid social media advertising is a way of promoting your product to a large audience using an online platform. These ads take the form of brand pages, displays, sponsor messages, pay-per-click, or influencer/branded content.

Is It Worth the Money?

But you may still be wondering, should social media be a part of your overall marketing strategy? It has many benefits, including:

Target Audiences

Social media ads help you target the audience you want to reach. As part of your marketing strategy, review various social media platforms to develop your marketing plan. Also, Social media users like to follow their favorite brands/products on various platforms to learn about new promotions or products.

Driving Sales

Letting people know about your product or service is a key step in increasing sales, and social media is a great way to reach millions of potential customers with one click.

Speed to Market

Social media can get your product or service in front of your target audience quickly. This can increase sales and widen your marketing presence.

Sustain Your Campaign

Using social media helps sustain your marketing campaign by putting your product in front of a wide, diverse audience. Message frequency can also be increased by your social media campaign which can lead to increased sales.


Social media is used by over half of the world’s population on a daily basis. So, including paid social media ads in your marketing campaign gets your product in front of millions of potential customers.

Learn More About Social Media Marketing in Maryland

To get started on your paid social media campaign, contact us at Eyler Creative. We are your experts in social media marketing in Maryland, and we want to help you promote your business’ product or service.

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