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Benefits of Having an Easily Navigable Website

These days, using websites is virtually unavoidable. Not only that but there are so many websites out there and no one wants to waste time on a confusing site. It takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for users to decide whether they like your website and want to stay on it. At Eyler Creative, a web design company in Baltimore, MD, we are experts in website design, making sure we build quality websites that are easily navigable.

An Essential First Impression

You don’t want to lose potential customers, right? Good website user experience is essential so users will stay longer and return in the future. Whether consciously or subconsciously, people turn to websites as a tool to vet and judge a business. If a site is slow to load and has confusing navigation, it reflects badly on the business and creates a subpar first impression.

Another thing that happens is potential customers get frustrated they cannot easily find information. They will leave the website and likely never return and the chances of them becoming a customer at that point are very low.

Trust and Legitimacy

Good websites create trust and legitimacy. It’s true that a business can have a bad website and remain an excellent company. However, easily navigable sites help a business get off on the right foot.

There is never a good time for a company to appear dated and unreliable, especially now when the internet is so prevalent. Customers need to feel confident that your business is modern and knows how to give them what they want. They like to see that companies present themselves well and hold themselves accountable.

Navigation the Most Useful Feature of a Website

In a survey by Clutch, respondents said they prioritize navigation over other website features. They also mentioned the desire to spend less time online, making easy navigation even more essential. In total, nearly 94 percent of internet users pointed to easy navigation as the most critical feature of a site.

Contact a Maryland Web Design Company

More and more internet users are basing their judgment of a company on their website and internet presence. You have a great business, show it off with a great website. Get in touch with Eyler Creative today to learn more about website navigation. We are a Maryland web design company offering a host of services to help businesses with their digital marketing needs.

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