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Email Marketing Examples

Writing a compelling marketing email can be a difficult task, especially when it feels like everyone is using it. You want to create an email campaign that will jump out at your customer and be different from other companies’ email campaigns. At Eyler Creative, Maryland web designers and digital marketing experts, we strive to make your digital marketing presence stand out and that includes great email marketing.

Making Your Marketing Emails Stand Out

There are some things you can do to make your marketing emails different from the rest. Using the techniques outlined below will draw readers in and encourage them to check out your brand. These can also help spark your creativity to come up with something totally unique.

Speak the Customer’s Language

Meet your customers where they are. By speaking the customer’s language, you are making them feel like part of your brand and drawing them in. This can mean using slang, abbreviations, or netspeak (like LOL or IDK).

Create a Unique Design

Marketing emails don’t have to follow a set template. Be creative when designing your email to grab your reader’s attention. Maybe start with a template and then change it up a bit. Having an email that looks different from most emails can be a great way to make you stand out.

Engage the Reader

Make your email interactive. Include a button to get them to scroll to a certain section of the email for more information or a button to claim a gift or promotional code. You can include links to your website or blog posts as well. Make it more than just an email.

Have Memorable Promotions

Promotions are a dime a dozen in the business world. Almost everyone runs some kind of promotion, so you want to make yours stick in readers’ minds. You can even combine memorable promotions with interactive buttons or links to engage your customer.

Follow-Up Communication

Send a follow-up email after a few days. Your goal is to remind the reader about your brand and upcoming promotions without being pushy (or worse, being moved to the dreaded spam folder). Follow-up emails restate what was in your original marketing email in a way that re-engages your customer.

Show Subscriber Appreciation

Give incentives to your active subscribers to thank them for their brand loyalty. Offer inactive subscribers an incentive to re-engage with your business. Have incentives to pull in new subscribers.

Maryland Web Designers Can Help With Email Marketing

These are a few ways to spark your creativity and help you get past writer’s block so you can write compelling marketing emails. For more assistance with email marketing or any other digital marketing services from your premium Maryland web designers, contact us at Eyler Creative today.

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