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Growing Your SEO During COVID-19

The world we live in today is completely different from the one we lived in just three months ago. We will likely see even more changes in the next six months. The impact of COVID-19 is everywhere, and some companies are starting to slash their budgets. However, smart businesses will use this time to focus on tactics for growing their SEO.

You may be looking at ways you can cut expenses and examining things like your PPC costs, but you want to be careful when reducing your digital budget. Customers may not be out shopping in stores or eating in restaurants, but they are online, and they are buying en masse. You want these customers to be able to find you.

Role of SEO in Business Growth

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of altering or creating your online content and designing a website to make it more attractive to search engines. Producing specialized content using keywords that are important to your top customers will help your website become more visible to those browsing the web. Most people only click on the top few results from a web search, so to get your business noticed you need to have a strong SEO game.

Effectively Use Downtime for Growing SEO

While you may not be able to aggressively market your business in the brick and mortar world, now is the time to evaluate your SEO strategy. Take a look at your current content and see if it could use updating. Analyze the organic layout of your website, evaluate your niche for targeted keywords, and add sections to create natural SEO opportunities. Convert any current downtime into an opportunity to focus on growing SEO efforts.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Search engines consider regularly updated content to be a sign that a website is relevant. Improving content, adding fresh content, and using headers are just three ways that you can make your content more attractive to search engines. Highly detailed content can also help you gain recognition as a valued source. Additionally, it may be wise to scan the content you have to see if you have any duplicate or highly repetitive content, as this can sink your search engine rankings.

Need Help Growing Your SEO Organically?

Does the idea of growing SEO organically confuse you? No need to fear, because at Eyler Creative we are SEO masters and we would be happy to help. Our team has over a decade of experience growing SEO for businesses of all kinds. Contact us today and we’ll make your business’ SEO our top priority.


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