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How Monthly Content Marketing Can Help Your Business’s Google Rankings

Content is a word that can have a variety of meanings. The content in a soup is way different from the content of a speech. Whatever the meaning, content is usually pretty important. So why would it be any different for marketing? Content, when it comes to digital marketing, can be anything from articles to videos, to social media posts. Content is what makes up your digital marketing plan and that’s why it’s so important. But how can it help with your Google rankings? Here at Eyler Creative, we specialize in digital marketing in Maryland and we want your small business to thrive in today’s world of digital marketing. That’s why we wrote this explaining how content can help your Google rankings.


Google’s goal is to provide users with the best information. To do this, Google pays attention to how relevant the information on your site is. If you haven’t posted new information on your site, Google will assume you aren’t as relevant. Creating and posting new content monthly helps you stay relevant with Google, helping you rank higher.


Higher traffic to your website and higher engagement levels has been shown to have a positive correlation with improved search engine rankings according to a study done by Moz. This means that when content is posted that brings more people to your website and gets more people to interact with your website, your search engine rankings are likely to go up.

Keywords and SEO

Posting blogs that are centered around your keywords will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts which will be a great help in boosting your Google rankings. Creating content centered around your focus keywords will be what helps your website get to the top of the Google results when people search for related services, companies, or content.

A Little Extra

An added benefit to creating content on your website is that you can repurpose it for social media posts and posting to your Google My Business. Repurposing these posts is beneficial for your business’s entire online presence. There are a lot of people on social media and, though it may seem strange, many people use social media to search for companies. So, keeping up with your social media accounts brings people from your social media to your website, making them more likely to become a customer. Posting these on Google My Business is also important for your rankings on Google, and people searching for your company. As stated before, Google likes new and current information, that’s why regularly posting on your GMB is important for your rankings. Along with that, your audience wants to see current, useful information when they search for you as well. Keeping up with your posts on GMB posts helps people trust and have confidence in you as a business.

Finding Help with Digital Marketing in Maryland

All of these things can be a huge help to your small business’s Google rankings. It can be time-consuming, however, to keep up with content marketing. For help with content marketing, digital marketing in Maryland, and any other digital marketing and creative services contact Eyler Creative. We value your time and want to help with your digital marketing efforts, as we know how important both of those are!

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