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How to Boost Your Online Reputation

The online reputation of your business is meant for your entire audience and remains important on several levels. Your online reputation is often the first thing potential customers come across. For instance, bad reviews can turn potential customers away. Eyler Creative is a company that specializes in digital marketing in Baltimore and we’re offering these tips to boost your name online.

Tips to Cultivate an Excellent Online Reputation

First, consider your overall online reputation. Where is it now, and where do you want it to be?


Take a look at what people say about your business on social media, Google, or anywhere else they can leave a review or talk about your business. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other similar search engines and websites are essential sites to check out because this is where potential customers may go to vet your company.

A digital marketing company can help you do an audit on your overall brand and online presence.

Respond to Reviews

Create a strategy for responding to reviews. Make sure this strategy includes responding to positive and negative reviews.

A common approach to negative reviews involves publicly acknowledging the customer’s issue and frustration, offering to make it right or better understand the issue, and asking them to contact you privately. It is also important after things are made right with an upset customer, to ask them to reevaluate their review so it does not affect your rating and reputation.

For positive reviews, it is important to thank the customer for their review and acknowledge how pleased you are to hear they had a good experience. Potential customers will like to see that you are a good communicator and care about their satisfaction.

Be Consistent and Trustworthy

Remain consistent across all areas of your business, including social media channels. A lot occurs in the public sphere, and customers can easily follow along with an issue in real-time or research a conversation that happened several years ago. As for private communications, it takes a mere screenshot or leak to undermine your reputation. Don’t jeopardize your entire online reputation by being inconsistent or unprofessional in your communication and speech, even if you think it’s a private conversation.

Pay Attention to Your Competitors

What do people say about your competitors? How does it differ from what they say about you? Use that information to improve or tweak your business practices and online reputation. Learn from the positives and negatives you see.

Contact an Agency That Specializes In Digital Marketing In Baltimore

It’s more important than ever to be conscious of what you’re posting and how it can look and sound to customers and potential customers. Your online reputation is crucial, it is necessary to put time and effort into it. Contact Eyler Creative to learn more about digital marketing in Baltimore and the services we offer.

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