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How to Optimize Images for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that uses a search engine’s specifications to identify content that is relevant and popular and includes the results that best match an internet user’s inquiry. Images play a vital role in SEO, but it can be hard to know where to start and what steps to take next. Eyler Creative, a company that specializes in search engine optimization in Baltimore, can help you develop a solid SEO marketing plan for your business or organization.

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Images are important when it comes to directing traffic to your website. Image optimization makes the most of your images to increase visitors to your website through the search engines. To optimize images for SEO, consider the following guidelines.


When choosing the right size image for your website, you want to look at dimension and resolution. While images with high resolution and large dimensions look great, they slow down your page which can quickly drive traffic away. Downsize your images for your page without sacrificing quality for quicker downloading. Also, consider file type and compression rate when uploading images.

File Names

Keywords come into play when naming your image files. You will want to use keywords when choosing your image’s file name and alt tag. This helps search engines display that image when someone searches for your keyword or similar keywords. This subsequently drives people to your site from the image.

Alt Tags

As mentioned, don’t forget to use keywords as alternative text to describe your images to help improve image optimization.


As with file names, the title you give your image is vital. This is another area your keywords play a vital role.


If you want to use a caption on your image, using one that contains your keyword to describe your image can improve SEO.

Unique Images

Make sure your images are unique. While stock photos can be easy and convenient, they tend to fight against each other in the search engines when they are used often and with similar keywords.

Pair Image and Text

Make sure your images are paired with text that matches. Google will notice if your images and text don’t go together.

Structured Data

Finally, help search engines see your image as a rich result by including structured data that is easy to analyze and optimize.

Search Engine Optimization in Baltimore

Practicing image optimization can have great benefits for your SEO efforts. It can help improve your search engine ranking and direct more traffic to your website. For more information on search engine optimization in Baltimore, contact Eyler Creative.

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