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HTTPS: Website Security and its Role in SEO

Do you know what HTTPS means? Would you notice whether or not the website you’re visiting is secure? Making sure that your own sites are secured is an absolutely critical piece of modern web design, and not doing so can actually mean points against your SEO ranking.

The Necessity of a Security Certificate

“HTTPS secures the connection to the website you are visiting.” If you look up at the address bar and see a lock icon, then the website is secure. Somehow, in this modern day, not all sites can say that you’re safe browsing their site pages. “Using a site over a non-secure connection means hackers/criminals could intercept the data you send to the site, like your password and email address.” You probably don’t want to be running that risk when browsing sites, and your own site visitors don’t want that either!

So, once you know whether or not your site is secure, you know if you have to take additional steps. To switch a website from unsecured to secured, you have to install a security certificate. Then, “the browser checks the certificate of the site and verifies its legitimacy with the company that issued it.” Essentially, you’re providing proof to the user’s browser that your website is safe for them to use.

HTTPS is crucial not only for security, but for site speed and SEO. Websites without SSL certificates can’t use the most updated forms of internet protocols, which means your site will run more slowly. In spite of this, and the other benefits to HTTPS, only about 2/3 of websites currently have that certificate installed. It’s surprising, since everyone, if asked, would say they want a secure browsing experience, but not everyone knows how to take those steps online.

What’s the Point of HTTPS?

So, how does it benefit SEO? “Activating that SSL certificate is going to give your site a slight ranking boost. But it’s not just about rankings as much as it is about user experience and gaining trust with your future customers.” If people think their information and data is at risk by visiting your website while one of your competitors has that trusted lock symbol, then you’re going to lose out most of the time.

Additionally, since 2018, you may have seen the “not secure” warning in Google’s Chrome browser (and others, following their example). This warning is enough to spook most people, and can deter a large amount of site traffic from spending any time on your pages. If you notice this on your own site and take no action, then you’re putting your own information, and the data of your visitors and customers, at risk.

“There’s no reason for your site not to be served via a secure connection.” Particularly if your website is on WordPress, then there’s really no reason at all to not take this step toward a more secure web experience. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to upgrade, providing the enormous benefit of a boost to SEO and customer trust…versus losing a lot of your audience to the competition. HTTPS is what’s expected nowadays, so don’t give people the impression that you’re stuck in the past, or that you don’t have their best interests at heart!

Provide a More Secure Website Experience

This all might seem a little complicated or technical, but that’s where we come in. A part of our standard web design process is to install a security certificate on the site for all of the reasons above. If you’re a new customer with a website that’s not secured, though, we’d be happy to help! If you need some professional aid installing a security certificate for your website,  then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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