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Increase Leads: Optimize Your Search Engine Results

Out of all of the requests we receive – showing up higher in search engine results, having a great-looking site, increasing social media engagement, creating brand awareness, etc. – increasing leads is always #1, and this makes sense, as all of the above ultimately point to gaining more customers or clients.

Increasing leads can look different for every business. For some it means getting someone to your website to make an online purchase, while for others it means increased call volume and appointment scheduling. Whatever the case is, it’s imperative to create a solid digital marketing strategy that has a strong focus on search engine optimization (SEO) that turns clicks into customers.

How Does SEO Help Increase Leads?

If you’re new to the digital marketing playing field, you might not know the endless benefits of having an SEO strategy for your business. Essentially, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for your website to display highly in organic (non-paid) search results. This process ensures that people can find your website, learn more about your business, and, ultimately, get in touch to learn more or sign up for your services.

Strategies for a strong SEO plan typically include: optimizing your site’s pages and posts with keywords that are highly searched in your local market, optimizing the photos throughout your site, creating meta descriptions for your pages and posts, ensuring that the content is clear and readable…the list goes on. When you strike the perfect balance, and search engines index your site as relevant, you start climbing up to page 1.

Already Have an SEO Strategy and Want to Maximize its Benefits?

If you already have an SEO strategy for your business, great, but does that strategy funnel calls and leads to your business? Don’t get us wrong, SEO strategies that get your site onto page one are effective, increase brand awareness, and overall help business boom, but now the question becomes “How can you improve that strategy?” You may want to consider the quality of your leads and how you can make your listing stand out in a sea of search results.

A Phone Call is Just a Click Away – Improve Your SEO Strategy by Encouraging Customers to Call

When a business considers the quality of leads they should take into account the source from which they arrive. With this in mind, we tend to see that prospective customers who call a business may be more inclined to take action. These types of customers could be searching from their phone and want to quickly speak to someone at your company to schedule an appointment rather than browsing your website, filling out an online form, and waiting for a response.

Adding your business or organization’s phone number to your site’s meta descriptions, the snippets of descriptive text that are shown in search engine results, has shown to be effective for those customers who are browsing on their phone and likely are looking for immediate assistance.

So, What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is the snippet of descriptive text that is shown in search engine results. See the example screenshot of the “back pain doctor’s” website’s meta description highlighted – with his phone number included. The question many SEO experts are asking is, “Is it a good idea to include your phone number in your meta description?”

The benefits of adding your business’s phone number to your meta descriptions include increased calls, and increased conversions. The downside is a phone call made from a search result can’t be tracked in terms of analytics in the same way that a form fill can. Which would you rather have, good analytics or more leads? If your answer is “more leads,” then adding your phone number to the meta description of your website is a no-brainer.

Bottom line: if the majority of your businesses calls turn into leads, while form fills only generate a handful of leads per month sounds familiar, it might be time for you to consider upgrading your meta descriptions to encourage your target audience to click and call.

Turn Your Meta Descriptions into a Lead Generation Tool Today

Looking to increase calls to your business? Tired of leads that are just shopping around? Make your leads work for you and call your users to action today! Get in touch with Eyler Creative to talk about how you can maximize the benefit of your meta descriptions and increase calls, leads, and clicks.

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