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Keyword Research Easy with Online Tools

The way to formulating your search engine optimization strategy is through thorough keyword research. That isn’t the only step, of course, but it’s a crucial one in finding keywords that you can rank for without going up against harsh competition. How have your SEO tactics changed since you first began these efforts, if they’ve changed at all?

Get Some New SEO Strategy Ideas on These Sites

If you’re looking to find a list of keywords that match your content while also ranking well on Google, then you may have to dedicate some – or a lot – of time. With Google’s algorithms, which change regularly, the old methods of keyword research won’t exactly cut it. You have to find some new methods, and new tools, for developing keyword lists and ideas for phrases that will rank.

One such tool is “Ubersuggest,” which is easy enough for anyone to use: you enter a keyword and it gives you phrase suggestions. Ubersuggest also offers insight into “Google trends,” so you can see how that keyword is currently performing, and whether or not it seems like a good investment of your time. Finally, this site has a “Word Cloud” feature that includes other words searched alongside your chosen keyword, giving you a closer look into what precisely people are searching for with relation to your keyword.

Another popular keyword research tool that we’ve mentioned before is BuzzSumo. It’s a valuable resource “for generating new content ideas, seeing how popular a topic is and even for finding influencers to reach out to.” Again, you provide them with your considered keyword, but then it follows a different format than Ubersuggest. Buzzsumo will give you page titles, phrases containing your keyword, and you can then see the kinds of words that are paired with your chosen keyword. Even more helpful, perhaps, is the data on social media engagement that is right there next to the listed items. Give it a try and you’ll see why this is one of the most praised keyword tools online today!

Don’t Sweat Your Keyword Research

Have you ever gotten frustrated with Google for trying to make suggestions in your search that you don’t want? Have you ever considered using this feature to your advantage? It’s true: Google’s auto-fill, or auto-complete, is a great tool for your keyword research. After all, if you put in a word or words that you’re considering for SEO, it will provide some more words around that. You can use those additional phrases for your purposes. An added bonus is that “you can bet there’s a high level of interest for almost anything that pops up,” so there’s an automatic level of engagement assumed if you choose one of these phrases.

There’s more to be gleaned from Google for your keyword research. If you search for something, then there’s a section at the bottom called “searches related to.” This is where you can nab a few more options for your SEO, if you first search for one keyword and then pick a few others out from this area. Really, free resources are all over the place, on the web, and you just have to know where to look.

Finally, “Soolve it” is a last, easy-to-use site that “will give you keyword suggestions from popular sites like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, etc.” As with most of the others above, you insert your chosen keyword and receive phrases built around it. This and other websites are simple and free, making it easier than ever to generate new ideas for your search engine optimization strategy. What do you have to lose by trying some of them out?

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