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Optimizing Your Blog and Content Intros

Writing blog posts always sounds like a simple concept. In fact, a lot of businesses scoff at the idea, picturing something like the personal blogging days of yore when people would record their day to day thoughts on Blogspot and similar sites. Fortunately, blogging – or, content marketing – is not quite the same as all that. It’s a key piece of web design and digital marketing, it can help you to make conversions, and it plays a big role in SEO. Read on from a company for digital marketing in Maryland to learn how you can craft “SEO-friendly” intro text for your posts.

How SEO Factors into Blog Intros

If you know anything about digital marketing in Maryland, SEO, and blogging, then it’s probably old news to hear that good content is a key piece of getting in with Google. Having strong messaging aligned with your audience’s needs and fully search engine optimized gives you the best possible chance of ranking near the top (or, at all). Since that first paragraph is most people’s initial exposure to what you have to say, it really needs to be good to keep them hooked. Since Google is trying to determine the best websites for their users’ searches, it will also look to see (in its own way) if your opening is relevant and high-quality, which means it’s more important than ever.

While your entire post is important, the intro should absolutely be in tip-top shape. That means the text in general should be strong, proofread, and compelling, true, but it also needs to have solid optimization worked in. Incorporate your target keyword(s), for example, in this intro section every time.

The Purpose of the Introduction

Maybe it’ll be easier to think about if we discuss what you’re shooting for in this part of the content. To begin with, you need to ensure that the subject of the post is made clear in the intro. If people don’t know what they’re reading about, or what your point is, they’ll lose interest fast. Then, you should try and get them on the hook, so they’re excited to read on and learn more. No, it shouldn’t employ any clickbait-style methods, but try and keep the tone engaging in a way that is appropriate for your subject. Similarly, you should check expectations for your readers so they know what – and what not – to expect as they read on. You don’t want to make promises you can’t keep in the name of keeping them on the hook.

Digital Marketing in Maryland Starts with Content

So, with that out of the way, how do you craft this SEO-friendly intro? First, think it over. You should have a plan for what you’re going to say and the point you’re trying to make before you get started. From there, focus on that point and make sure you’re addressing it throughout. As you write, consider whether the way you’re speaking to your audience is relatable, fun (if it’s appropriate), and readable. Again, maybe this sounds obvious, but you need to thoroughly confirm that what you’re trying to say is coming through clearly. Fortunately, there are a lot of plugins (like Yoast SEO) that can help you with both optimization and readability.

In summary, the formula should be thus: lead with a hook for your readers, convey the message of the blog, and then outline what people can expect while reading. That should help to guide your writing in a way that both engages real people and checks the boxes for the search engines who are trying to make the web a better space for all.

If you need help with digital marketing in Maryland, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today for professional help with blogging, SEO, and beyond.


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