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SEO is the Focus During Quarantine, Says Marketers

There’s no question that these are strange times we live in. Your business has likely changed in a major way during quarantine, and that has warranted many people evaluating the current state of their budget. If you’re able to take a little bit of extra time during all this to think about your digital marketing strategy, then you should consider a renewed investment in SEO.

SEO Retakes the Spotlight

With everything else going on, it’s understandable that SEO wouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind. We at Eyler Creative have been brainstorming on your behalf how you might be able to take advantage of these turbulent times! Research has shown that many marketers are suggesting increased SEO work at the moment, and we agree.

In a recent survey entitled “The Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing,” 66% of responders indicated that their top-performing channel in 2019 was organic search. For ourselves, we’ve routinely seen the positive impacts of a long-term investment in organic search, and with more people at home searching than ever, now is the time to make sure you have a player in the SEO game.

How Does SEO Factor into Quarantine?

Why is SEO and organic search still going to be a popular marketing method even as companies may be reducing their budgets? Because, if people are truly reducing their marketing budgets rather than eliminating them, then this is the lower-cost option to paid advertisements, or print. More than that: because organic search is a longer-term investment, it will likely pay off in full just as shelter-in-place orders are lifted and people are able to return to some facets of normal life.

“The central findings of this survey are widely supported by other research and advice from digital marketers looking at long-term impact. …investing in SEO now will pay significant dividends when the crisis is over.” It’s important, therefore, to be forward-thinking even in a time where it’s difficult to imagine how even next week might look. Because there’s so much flexibility in SEO strategy, you can put together a plan that fits your current status and budget in order to best prepare for the future!

On the Web…All the Time

Have you considered how much more time people are spending indoors, and specifically on their computers? There’s no question that electronics and internet usage has gone way up in this time of quarantine. That means now is the best time to get out in front of them and to appear in their searches.

It may be difficult to think strategy when there is so much else to think about, but if you can push yourself a bit to think of the bigger picture – and of the post-quarantine future – then you’ll find that you can really benefit. Start working on your plan today by starting to perform some keyword research. You may think that you know what words and phrases your target audience is using to find you, but you may be surprised if it isn’t exactly on target with the reality. Once you’re able to define a list of general keywords, you can then tack on some of your target locations to hit the mark with even more accuracy.

This is only the first step of organic search efforts, but it’s a crucial one. You have to start with a list of keywords that are on-target with your products or services, and also nail down what people are searching for in reality. Once you can do that, then you’ll have the foundations of a marketing strategy that will help to see you through this unprecedented period of time for businesses.

If you want a professional partner to help get a plan like this in place so you can stay on your feet during all this chaos,  then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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