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SEO Tips to Help You Move up in the World

SEO is hard work in just its efforts alone, but actually managing to get your site up in the rankings where you probably want it to be is an even more difficult task. There aren’t any easy solutions, or seemingly-magical tricks that can rocket your site up to the number one spot, but there are some tactics that you can employ to boost your SEO and to do better with your rankings overall.

Get Inspiration for Better Tags and Titles

“With a plethora of continually growing ranking factors and algorithm updates, staying on top is a daunting task.” Google wants you to “earn” the spots that you get, so they are very careful to monitor websites’ SEO methods and attempts. You may find it seeming impossible to ever get your site visible on Google, let alone highly-ranked, especially with all of these changes. Luckily, there are some steps that you can take that will help to have an impact on your efforts.

A good way that you can come up with better-optimized titles, tags, and keywords is actually by utilizing those at the “top” of search results. Not those ranked the highest, but the ones are the very top: the ads. Advertisements are chock-full of keywords and phrases that you can pick out of the meta descriptions that Google offers for those links. Pick a subject and try for yourself; most people don’t read these ads, but if you look more closely, they may actually be able to help you.

According to a recent report, “half of consumers who perform local searches on their smartphones actually visit a store within one day.” That means if you haven’t optimized your site for mobile yet, then you could really be missing out on business. Those searching on mobile are trying to get information quickly, and if you can’t provide that for them, they’ll abandon the search (or worse, taken their business elsewhere). To avoid that, at least make sure that your Google My Business account is up to date, so that they can find what they’re looking for and move on… hopefully, to your business.

SEO Takes Images into Account

Something that is often neglected by people when posting blogs or other content is the attention to images. They should be present, naturally, but they should also have appropriate file names and alt tags. “A lot of people fail to fully optimize their photos for image search,” so don’t be counted among that number. Make sure that you give each image a name that both describes it accurately and contains your keywords. Additionally, provide alt tags (again, with your keywords) to provide points toward SEO and a backup description in case the image breaks for whatever reason.

There is a lot to SEO, and these are only a few tactics that can help your efforts over time. Again, though, there’s no one method that will put you in the #1 spot without any work on your end; search engine optimization takes a lot of time, and certainly a lot of work. You have to fully commit to the process in order to eventually see the results that you want today. To get some help in boosting your SEO efforts with mobile optimization or other strategies, get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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