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Six Popular Website Design Trends

Choosing a website design that is functional and appealing is something everyone wants but it can also be hard to accomplish. You want a website that will stand out from all the rest and keep people interested. At Eyler Creative, an agency that offers website design in Baltimore, we strive to create a website that highlights your brand perfectly, is visually appealing, and is easy to use.

Trending Website Designs

At Eyler Creative, we want to help you develop the best website for your brand, including the designs that are currently trending. The six most popular website design trends in 2022 are: Fun & Optimistic, Black & White, Bold, Scrolling Text Elements, Less Images, and Layered Effects. These can be great options for website design ideas.

Fun & Optimistic

With a fun and optimistic approach, using unique shapes, eye-catching colors, and a non-conventional setup can be a great way to grab the visitor’s attention. The goal is to create a sense of fun and happiness throughout the design. Like this website, we created for A Lil’ Moore.

Black & White

Just as the design title says, this design uses a black or white background with black or white text and graphics. Using this approach opens the door for increased creativity in the overall website design. It also allows for a clean and simple web design, which is often visually appealing and easy to use for viewers.


With this approach, bold fonts, colors, and placement are used to catch the viewer’s eye. This design also allows for increased creativity in design and execution.

Scrolling Text Elements

This is also becoming increasingly more popular. Short, concise text bursts move across the screen for the viewer to read. Scrolling text is often used as a call to action or to highlight key points. There is a lot of creativity that comes along with these elements. For example, text can have a continuous scroll or it can slide into a fixed position, there are many possibilities.

Fewer Images

Having more text and fewer images (especially on home pages) is also trending. The idea behind this is the viewers get the information they want quickly. With this design, you could include images you want to use on a different page, such as a gallery page.

Layered Effects

Using creativity to create a layered or stacked look for your page is another trending website design. This adds depth to your website and creates an appealing look.

Help from an Agency That Offers Website Design in Baltimore

The most important thing when choosing a website design is that it’s one that matches your brand, what your company represents, and what you want to communicate. Eyler Creative, an agency that offers website design in Baltimore, is here to help. Call us today to get started on your new website.

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