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Small Businesses SEO: Maximize Your Reach

The pandemic isn’t only a major health emergency; it has greatly affected small businesses. Brick and mortar locations are struggling to make sales. Some online businesses are also stressed. Thankfully, there are ways to get back on track. Small business SEO (search engine optimization) experts can help you gain clients and boost sales by developing a customized plan for your SEO.

As a small business owner, it’s your responsibility to know what your customers want. What words are they using when they search online? We can help you discover what keywords to use for your content marketing and other SEO strategies to help your business succeed.

Keep Online Information Up to Date

In addition to marketing your business online, it’s important that you keep your website current if you have new operating hours or offer different services. Update all your social media platforms with any changes in your business operations. For example, some restaurants have switched from indoor dining to more take out and deliveries. It’s essential you inform customers of any changes to avoid inconvenience on their part and so you don’t lose business.

Implement a Smart SEO Plan

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that helps your website get traffic through search engine results. SEO helps bring in more people and improves the quality of visitors. By quality, we mean that the visitors to your website are looking for the products or services that you are selling. When a lot of people click on your website through the search engine results pages, that is the quantity of traffic. It’s always better to have more quality traffic!

Keyword ranking, on the other hand, is your website’s position on the search engines’ results pages for a particular keyword. The goal is to rank high on the first page to get more visibility. You can improve your rankings by publishing relevant content that uses important keyword phrases.

Another way to boost your business is through utilizing Local SEO. This is the practice of using local search queries to attract clients.

How a Small Business SEO Expert Can Help

Google’s algorithm keeps changing. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated and incorporate changes to your SEO strategy and effectively improve your ranking. Now is a great time to get you SEO plan on track. Do you need a small business SEO expert to help you? At Eyler Creative we work with small businesses of all kinds to improve their visibility in the search engine results pages and bring in more customers. We can definitely help you, too. Contact us today!


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