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Social Media Platforms and How to Use Them for Advertising

There are so many social media platforms nowadays and there are millions of people using them. This allows us to connect with many kinds of people all over the globe. It is also what makes social media platforms the perfect place to advertise. With social media and digital marketing in Maryland growing so popular so quickly, it is important that you get your company advertised on social media platforms. But how? Which ones are the best to use? Here we are going to share a few tips for advertising on some social media platforms.


Facebook is currently the largest social media platform with a wide demographic of users. This means you can expand your reach to whoever your target audience is, whether it is retirees, college students, construction workers, doctors, whoever it may be, they probably have a Facebook account. This platform is great for building brand awareness, directing traffic towards your website, and getting conversions by making your products or services easily accessible to your audience.

Facebook also allows you to run a variety of ads that can show up through feeds, reels, and most other areas of the platform.


Instagram is another widely used social media platform. Instagram is a picture-focused social media platform. This makes it a great place to show off your products or services. Just got a new product in? Share a picture of it. Just completed a home improvement product for a customer? Show the before and after pictures. Instagram is also great for creating relationships and engagement between you and your customers. It has a 58% higher engagement rate than Facebook and 2000% higher than Twitter.

Instagram also allows you to run ads similar to Facebook.


Twitter is a platform many people use to discover breaking news. This can be a good place to share information, sales, etc. about your business. Among other businesses, Twitter can be very beneficial for global companies and online stores.

Ad options for Twitter include Quick Promote Ads, which automatically promote your tweets to your target audience, and Twitter Ads, which are objective-based. This means you choose your preferred business objective and what you want to accomplish with your Twitter ads.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Many employers, employees, and those seeking employment join LinkedIn. This makes it great for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales efforts. You are also able to target customers based on their job qualifications, so it can be a great place to run employment ads.

Ads for LinkedIn include sponsored content, sponsored messaging, text and dynamic ads, and lead gen forms. Sponsored content is displayed in the newsfeed. Sponsored Messaging is a version of email marketing. Text and Dynamic Ads are only visible on desktop and are displayed at the top of the screen. Lead Gen Forms collect quality leads using prefilled forms.

Social Media and Digital Marketing in Maryland

Social media has become a very important part of digital marketing over time. Many people even use social media as their way of searching for or researching companies, so you want to make sure your company is represented well on. For more help with social media marketing, contact Eyler Creative. We specialize in social media and digital marketing in Maryland. Check out our website for all of our creative and digital marketing services.

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