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The Basics of Starting on WordPress

Website design can be difficult, but sites like WordPress make it easier. WordPress is a platform that powers 43% of the world’s websites. You can use WordPress for free to create a website or blog. One of the best things is that anyone can use it, from new bloggers to major companies. WordPress is even used by brands like Spotify and TIME. There are so many great tools to help you build your website or blog but how do you even start? Read on to learn some of the basics when starting on WordPress. You can also contact the professionals at Eyler Creative, a Maryland Web Design Company for more guidance.

Two Parts to Every WordPress Site

There are two main parts to every word press site created:

Content: This consists of pages, posts, and media. Content is all of the things you are putting on your site that your audience may want to read or watch. This should be information about your company, products, sales, etc., anything that gives people more insight into who you are and what your products or services are. You can add to your content or edit it using the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.

Structure: The structure is site-wide changes such as editing menus, adjusting colors, creating headers and footers, and anything else that changes the way your site is set up overall. You can add to or change the structure of your site from the site editor in the dashboard. To access this, go to “dashboard,” then “appearance,” and “site editor.”

Adding Content

Content is one of the most important parts of your site because it draws people in. Moreover, it also allows people to learn about your company and what you offer. To add content, you will want to go to the “pages” or “posts” tab on the left sidebar of the dashboard, depending on which type of content you want to add. First, add the main content of your site which is the most important pages or posts. Examples of this include your homepage, about page, and any staple blogs you may have.

A good rule of thumb is to use pages for things that won’t change often, like your homepage, about page, or services page, and posts for things like sale announcements, news articles, and any other updates about the industry or specific pieces of writing.

Contact a Maryland Web Design Company to Learn More

Though WordPress makes creating websites and blogs easier, it can still be a hard and daunting task and you may not have the time to complete it yourself. Here at Eyler Creative, a Maryland Web Design Company, we understand that, and we want to help. We work with WordPress daily and understand many of the ins and outs of using WordPress to create websites and blogs.

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