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The Focus Keyword: a Focal Point of Maryland SEO

When writing and optimizing a blog, or constructing a local landing page, or just another any task within the SEO sphere, you need to have a focus keyword. This word (or phrase) is the cornerstone upon which your work for that post or page is built. Naturally, then, choosing the right keyword is a critical step, and one that shouldn’t be rushed or done without thought. A solid Maryland SEO strategy involves cherry picking keywords that are the best fit for that post or page, and which accomplish your goals. So, how do you choose?

Picking the Perfect Keyword

“The focus keyword or keyphrase is the search term that you want a page or post to rank for most.” So, when they put that word or phrase into Google and other search engines, your site should come up (ideally). When you select and add this word or phrase to the Yoast box, you’ll get more information about how best to utilize it throughout the post or page.

True keyword strategy means that you use the focus keyword as the basis for high-quality and targeted content that your audience will enjoy. More than that: it should be content they were specifically looking for, AKA your focus keyphrase should be relevant to what they then find when they arrive on your website. With that in mind, how can you best select a word or phrase that is what your audience is looking for AND which you’d like to rank for?

Research & Search

Start with what people are actually searching for. That’s right: this should be your first thought, even before what you actually want to rank for. After all, what you’d like to rank for doesn’t matter if people aren’t searching for it. Web tools like KWFinder and others can help you to determine how many people are searching for a particular word or words per month, what its CPC (cost per click) is, what the competition looks like, and related words.

Next, take another look at that search volume: how many people are searching per month for that keyphrase. Also, consider some of those related phrases: “Optimizing your post for related keyphrases can improve the quality of your content: it will make it more complete and easier to understand for Google.” You can add additional phrases using Yoast on your page or post.

Following that, you should do some more practical research. Google the term(s) yourself and take a look at the results. Do the listings seem to fit in with the content of your page and post for which you’re trying to rank among these others? You need to make sure that your content matches the expectations of people searching for this phrase, and if not, then some revaluation may be in order. Also, “remember: you’ll have to beat the other search results, so only do this when you’re sure you can create something truly outstanding and useful for your audience!”

The Role of the Keyphrase in Maryland SEO

Of course, you can’t just undertake the research one time and forget about it, thinking your strategy will be evergreen. User behaviors change all the time, as do Google algorithms and more. You should check it every so often, searching for those same terms to see what comes up. Google adapts based on audience queries (and their problems), and if they’re changing to meet a need, you should do the same.

There is a lot more that goes into this, and it can be difficult to know which keyphrase is right for you, your content, and your target audience. If you need help with constructing a solid and adaptable Maryland SEO strategy, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today for professional help with blogging, SEO, and beyond.


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