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Four Keys to Successful Google Ads

Google Ads have become one of the best ways to reach potential customers. In 2019 alone, the company reported $134.8 billion in revenue from their advertising program. Whether using YouTube or going through traditional promotional routes, it pays to include the service in your own marketing strategy. What makes some Google Ads work better than others? Please read on to learn what we’ve found to be the four most important steps to creating successful Google Ads.

Know Your Audience

The key to any good strategy in business is knowing your audience. When it comes to Google Ads, that becomes even more important when establishing a clear online presence. First, ask yourself if online ads are a good idea for your business. For example, when selling something geared toward those without social media accounts, you would be ill served to advertise on those platforms. Keep in mind that success depends on the type of business as well as what is being sold. Make sure that you look at more than just age breakdown of your potential customers and clients. Pay careful attention to geographical as well as economic details that might also influence overall buying decisions for your product or services.

Have a Strong USP

Google accounts for almost 78% of US ad search revenue in 2019. Those figures mean Google Ads definitely get noticed. With an estimated 160 billion searches every month, your ad needs to stand out. You must define a unique selling proposition that creates results. Carefully craft your USP to focus on what sets your product or services apart from the rest. We see a lot of businesses avoid this assessment and it costs them time as well as money in the long run. Sales and lead generation should play into your evaluation. Of course, we get asked about how to generate success without a dedicated USP. Unfortunately, it simply cannot be done.

Targeted Landing Pages for Successful Google Ads

We know that targeted landing pages for every Google Ad might seem like a lot, but they are actually as easy as pointing someone in the right direction. You know what you want customers or readers to focus on, it’s just a matter of getting them there. Targeted pages not only capture their focus but keep them on the page to make a conversion. In some cases, you might want a landing page to serve as a starting point to funnel prospective buyers to other goods or services.

Take a Step Back to Evaluate Your ROI Goals

Not every strategy is going to work on the first try and you may find yourself searching for ways to improve the retention rate. Did you hit your ROI goals? It’s a question we often ask our clients when they come to us. Having successful Google Ads relies on the right strategies. It also requires a realistic approach to the whole experience, valuing a balance between quantity and quality.

Need help getting there? Eyler Creative offers informed and distinctive approaches focused on your unique goals. Contact us today to see how our experienced team can make a difference.

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