Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Your business needs to get social! We will get you set up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…everywhere your potential customers are is where you should be. Harnessing the power of social media marketing, we will enhance your online presence, drive leads to your business, and improve your website’s search engine optimization and Google page rank.

We can help utilize social media marketing to expand your brand in Baltimore and beyond.

Does your business have a social media marketing strategy? Are you utilizing social media to its fullest extent to drive business? Do you have staff dedicated to getting your brand’s message out across all of your social media pages on a consistent basis?

We get it, you’re busy! Your staff is busy. Who has time to manage your social media presence when you’re trying to stay on top of your current day-to-day business needs? We do. We’ll get your business set up with a social media strategy to help engage your current and potential customers with your brand. More “likes” and “followers” means your business gets in front of more people, which means more referrals and leads so that your business can grow.

We connect your business to all of the relevant social media sites and have the ability to manage all of your social media marketing efforts.



Our Social Media Marketing Process

Our social media marketing strategy ensures that your brand’s target audience stays fully engaged with your business through content creation, sharing, and platform monitoring.

Baltimore Website Design - Strategy

Communication & Strategy

Creating a solid strategy is the first step in making social media marketing a success for your business. We work with you in creating a plan that details how often to share content, where to share it, and more. We get to know your target audience inside and out – we take the time to research what they want to see, what problems they need solved, and what peaks their interest. Then we present it to them so that they stay engaged with your brand.

Social Media Marketing - Content Creation and Sharing

Content Creation & Sharing

The content that your company shares on social media is just as important as the content that can be found on your website. We create fresh and engaging content and share it on the platforms that your target audience uses most in order to get maximum visibility. Creating and sharing content on a regular basis not only keeps your social media pages current, but it also drives traffic to your website and supports your overall online marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing - Ad Campaign Managment

Ad Campaign Management

With social media’s ever-changing landscapes and algorithms, staying in front of your target audience on the right social media platforms can be a challenge. Running ad campaigns greatly increases your brand’s visibility and reach, and we recommend giving it a try in addition to your organic SEO efforts. We will run and manage your campaigns, so all you have to do is to set your budget and what key areas you want to focus on. We’ll take care of the rest!

Social Media Marketing - Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Starting a conversation surrounding your brand is a great thing, but opening up your company to public commentary can be stressful. We take the stress out of social media interactions and conversations by actively monitoring your social media outlets and responding promptly and appropriately to people engaging your pages and posts. We will make sure that your organization’s reputation is secure so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Reporting, Review & Recommendations

Not only will we strategize, create and share content, run your ad campaigns and keep your reputation in good standing, we will also take time to discuss and review your ever-changing social media landscape with you and make recommendations to update your marketing plans accordingly. We’re on it!

It’s your progress, we just report it.

In our monthly reports, you’ll get to see how your audience interacted with your brand on your social media platforms. We’ll share with you the analytics for categories such as post reach, audience engagement and ad performance, and then alter our strategy moving forward to maximize your reach. Whether this includes creating a targeted campaign or highlighting specific goods or services, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that trends change and that’s why we pledge to create an ever-evolving social media marketing strategy that is tailored to your business’s needs. Between researching your industry’s trends and keeping an eye on what your target audience can’t get enough of, we’ll increase your brand awareness and all while reporting back to you.

Social Media Marketing - Analysis
Learn how we can utilize social media marketing to help build your business.