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Boosting Local Marketing for Small Businesses

Whether or not you’ve begun your local marketing efforts, you probably know the value of investing time and budget into social media. After all, it’s one of the best ways to reach your target audience and market without breaking the bank. Read on to learn some up-to-date strategies for social media marketing to give you a boost, or to get you started.

Social Media is an Essential Piece of Local Marketing

“A successful local business is one that nurtures relationships with its clients and one that people talk about.” It makes even more sense, then, that you’d need to manipulate social media in order to accomplish this, at least in part. Social media is where the majority of these conversations are happening, particularly in this year of Covid. Clients or customers who aren’t stopping by the store are looking for ways to interact and stay engaged with their favorite brands and stores.

We know this isn’t always easy from a business perspective, since it can feel impossible to come up with new and fresh ideas to keep your audience engaged and to post regularly to the business’s page. It’s important to work on this aspect of marketing, though, no matter how daunting it may seem. The payoff will make it worth your while – big time! To start, let’s revisit why choosing the platform(s) best-suited for your company matters.

Where to Share?

As we’ve said, it’s better to sign up for (or maintain) two platforms that you can commit activity to than to sign up for everyone known social media platform just to have a “presence” there. Do you have any sense of which platform is being used by your target audience? If you have a few different audiences, then consider which are the primary platforms used by these different people. In most cases, this will be Facebook and Instagram (currently, though it’s always changing).

Once you’ve nailed that down, you need some serious planning regarding how you’ll proceed, what you’ll share, and when. Also, “keep your expectations in check: your social following won’t grow overnight. Don’t expect people to follow you right after creating a profile.” Having goals is one thing, but you need to have realistic expectations  in order to create a plan that will actually help you to build your following over time. This is a process, and one that requires an investment of one kind or another to see results!

Find Something Worth Talking About

As always: content is key. Make sure your messaging is relevant to your audience! You can convey information that you want to share – about new products, sales, events, etc. – in a way that appeals more particularly to some than to others. Make it as engaging as you can for those people and you’ll see…well, improved engagement!

Still worried about being up to the task? “If you are good at what you do, you’ll have (local) projects, testimonials, pictures, and quotes worth sharing. No need to write new blog posts every day, simply find something you’re proud of and share it online.” That is: find a way to share something frequently, but don’t stress about it! You probably have more content already available than you think.

Keep it to the Schedule!

It is still important that you post regularly, though. Even if it’s just a sentence of well-wishes on a holiday, information about a change in hours, or a fun trivia tidbit, you should be able to find something to share with your audience a few times a week, if not every day. Remember: people use social media a lot each day, so a single post a week can easily get lost in much newer content! Make sure that yours stands out, and that it will be seen.

If you need help getting started using social media to boost your local marketing efforts,  then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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