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Increasing Social Media Engagement

The landscape of the modern business environment has rapidly shifted from a decade ago. Today all companies need to build an online presence to find success. The line between traditional commerce and e-commerce is quickly blurring, which is why every business needs to focus on their social media marketing to survive. If you don’t have a social media strategy, potential customers and clients won’t take you seriously. If you’re looking to increase your social media marketing in Baltimore read on.

We have created a cheat sheet to help new businesses build up their social media marketing efforts. Here are just a few of the quick and easy ways to boost your social media visibility online.

Top Ten Things You Need to Boost your Social Media Marketing Baltimore Campaign


Analyze Current Engagement

Before boosting your social media engagement, you must look at your current performance levels. Identify how engaged your followers are by using social media metrics that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all readily provide.

Create a Strategy

Once you identify your weaknesses and strengths, it is time to create a strategy that builds on social media marketing tools that are already working and addresses the ones that aren’t.

Learn About Your Audience

The best thing about building a social media presence is you don’t have to guess who your target audience is. You probably already know, but all you have to do is understand who would want or need your products or services. Your goal is to attract more people to join your page or follow your posts. Take a minute to look at your average follower for insight on how to build your base.

Create Content

The best way to keep people following your posts is by giving them something interesting to follow. These days there is so much content out there. You need snappy, witty content that offers them entertainment and information, so it stands out from the rest. It is also important to remember that video and images can be great ways to provide interesting content, and both visual forms of content are expected by social media users nowadays.

Stay on Topic

Finding regular post material can be tedious and difficult, but if you want one tip to make your social media marketing to be effective, ensure your posts remain targeted and branded.

Be Engaging

You should aim to interact with customers as much as possible. No one can be expected to answer every comment, but if you browse through top social media accounts, you will see frequent replies. Sometimes the thrill of getting a reply can be enough to keep your followers coming back. This goes for reviews as well, it is important to answer them all, yes, even the negative ones.

Be Quick with Response

A response within a few hours shows you care, and it can help the viewers trust you.

Schedule Ahead

It can be hard to keep up with daily posts, which is why scheduling your posts in advance is a great way to ensure you stay engaged.

Get Help from a Company that Specializes in Social Media Marketing in Baltimore

If developing a campaign for social media marketing in Baltimore sounds overwhelming, then contact Eyler Creative to learn more about how we can help!

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