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Nextdoor Provides Local, Trusted Business Recommendations

You may have heard of it, or have an account for personal use within your own neighborhood. However, Nextdoor isn’t just for gossip-mongering and free furniture: it’s a platform from which you can easily advertise your business in a way you can’t do elsewhere.

Be a Part of the Neighborhood on Nextdoor

Self-described as “the free private social network for your neighborhood community,” Nextdoor aims to create an online hub for your neighbors to chat about various things, including to make recommendations about local businesses and services. This is, of course, where you can really take advantage.

Working within Nextdoor means advertising yourself on a platform where there is an inherent level of trust. People posting there are local, and their recommendations are usually for local businesses, often ones that they themselves have patronized. In short, the user can ask for, let’s say, the best plumbers in the area, and their “neighbors” will soon rattle off a list of a dozen possible options.

Where do you come in to this process? First, you have to create and verify your business profile. You don’t have to have a personal profile already set up so long as you can provide some kind of contact info for the business listing. After that, Nextdoor will call your business in order to verify that you are who you say you are.

After that, the sky’s the limit! Now that you’re listed on Nextdoor, “neighbors” can more easily seek you out to learn more about you and what you offer. You’ll be able to be “recommended” by users, and the more times this happens, the more highly you’ll rank in the list of “plumbers” when that is searched for by a curious user.

Perhaps most importantly, you can create an ad for your business on Nextdoor, which – if you’re a small business – they refer to as “Offers.” These offers are a paid advertising opportunity in which you can “post coupons, offers and deals to their neighbors on Nextdoor.”

Wondering if the cost is exorbitant? According to the website, these Offers can run as low as $3 and the average cost is said to be $75, though this will all depend on how many members are in your advertised neighborhood, and how long you want the Offer to show. This is pretty standard for any advertising platform, but Nextdoor comes with the benefit of, again, that level of trust that comes with your business being located (or at least, working in) that area.

You can reach more locations than your immediate place of business, too. Nextdoor gives you the option to spread the visibility of your Offer from two to a maximum of ten miles out from your business’s address. You can also select “near my business” in order to choose nearby zip codes instead.

Wondering where these ads – the Offer – will appear? No worries about users having to hunt to find it, or about their missing it entirely. Offers show in the “Offers” tab, but they can also appear in the user’s news feed on the front page. Put simply, it’ll be seen by the people in your area one way or another.

Want to capitalize on a platform that gets the word out to real people in your area about your products and services? Get in touch with Eyler Creative today to talk about how you can use Nextdoor to its full potential!

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