Social Media Marketing in Maryland Is Most Effective When…

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Social Media Marketing in Maryland Is Most Effective When…

If you’ve already nailed down the production of solid content, then you’re already on your way to finding success in digital marketing. However, creation is just the first part of the process, since you then have to spread that content out across your social channels. The (usually) multi-platform distribution of your work is absolutely crucial to real success, so for those who need some help with social media marketing in Maryland, read on.

Boost Your Posts’ Visibility

It’s true that you shouldn’t sign up for every single social media site, particularly if you already know you won’t use them, but you should also aim to have more than just the one. More than that, you need to make sure that you are posting more than, say, once a month, which isn’t nearly enough activity to garner attention. Social media marketing is about visibility (in different locations and different times). E-mail marketing is a small part of this, too. It has significance all its own, which we won’t get into now, but it’s also key to mastering widespread distribution of your site content.

As far as frequency, “post content daily, but do this without blowing up your followers’ timelines.” If you can schedule something for once a day, or once every other day, at least, then you’ll start to see positive results. This timeline allows for a lot of good visibility without bugging your followers, because losing them is likely forever, and obviously the opposite of the goal, here.

We’ve talked before about how identifying and understanding your target audience is key, and this obviously extends into social media marketing as well. You can easily find statistics on the browsing habits of your target group, and most social platforms usually make it easy to narrow down your advertising field with questions about age, location, and more.

Finding a Balance Within Social Media Marketing

WHEN you share can be almost as important as WHAT you share. That is, you should look into the ideal timing of your posts so that you can be seen by the most people and, hopefully, generate the most interaction. Something you may not have considered is to not post your content across all social channels at once. Though we’re fans of Hootsuite, which automates the process and saves time, we don’t always use it to blast content onto all platforms at the same time. Rather, consider scheduling that content on different sites at different times, or even days. “There is going to be some overlap between your followers on different distribution channels” and you don’t want to annoy them!

You’ve already crafted your content, so hopefully this isn’t coming too late, but it should also be something that you keep in mind as you’re writing those posts. Make sure your content is relevant! You want it to be useful to your audience: a resource, something that can bring value to their lives in some way. If you’re posting frequently about things that are just irrelevant to someone, then he or she won’t hesitate to unfollow you on every and all platforms.

Finally, if the pressure to post often is mounting, but you don’t have enough fresh ideas, then feel free to re-purpose. Recycling older content is perfectly acceptable and can be a good way to breathe new life into solid content that you previously produced. Give it a little refresh, if necessary, by adding updated facts and statistics. You could craft new content based on the same concept, or simply update the research that went into the original. Find a process that works the best for you and stick with it!

If you want some professional partners to aid in your efforts in social media marketing in Maryland, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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