Social Media Platforms Aren’t All Created Equal (Part Two)

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Social Media Platforms Aren’t All Created Equal (Part Two)

Didn’t see a favorite social media platform mentioned in our last guide? Not to worry! There are lots of other options, some of which you may already be using to boost traffic on your website or to promote your materials. Each of them have benefits and weaknesses, so let’s take a look at some of the other available sites so you can make an informed decision of which to use and which to cut.

Other Social Media Considerations

Some of the platforms that weren’t touched on last time are the ones considered to be highly visual. For example, the site Pinterest allows its users to create ‘boards,’ much like what a person might create in real life, adding images to their own spaces from others’ posts. Even text content like recipes and quotations are added as images, so a person’s ‘boards’ are covered in these picture ‘pins.’ It makes for a highly customizable and personalized experience, which people undeniably like. If you’re wondering whether or not your business should get involved, consider what kind of visual components you could offer the userbase, which, for your knowledge, is comprised almost completely of women. Additionally, it’s been said that “66% of Pinterest users save things that they describe as’inspiring,'” so keep this in mind and act accordingly. Can you inspire your customers? If that isn’t your aim, then look to other forms of social media.

Facebook vs. Instagram

Though Facebook bought out Instagram not too long ago, the platform itself is a social media giant. Another photo-centric app, Instagram allows its users to post photos and to comment on others’, which is a simpler theory than some other platforms. It’s part of the lives of a huge part of the population (almost one third of U.S. residents), with the gender divide being about half and half. If you’re considering using Instagram to show off a visual display or aspect of your business, keep in mind, also, that “almost all Instagram users are under the age of 35,” so you’ll need to cater toward that demographic. This brand of social media is useful for owners of restaurants, galleries, or any location that could benefit from showing off its wares or features by regularly taking and posting photos of those things.

Tumblr and Reddit

Tumblr and Reddit are likely not the social media stations for your work. While both are big and still very popular, they are made for more of an individual experience, rather than a commercial one, and can come with the danger of inappropriate content if you aren’t careful. Though this is true anywhere on the web, these two (a blogging platform and content sharing site) have a much higher level of anonymity, making it less ‘risky’ for users to avoid using a filter. In short, these two are not particularly useful for business situations and you should spend your time utilizing one or many of the other options, instead.

Use Social Media to Connect with Your Audience

Social media may have started as a hobby for many people, but it’s come to be an indispensable part of business and the professional world. A company without at least one active presence on the web will not only be looked down on by potential customers, but it will also be frowned upon by Google, pushing it farther and farther down the ranks. If people aren’t able to find information about you, then they won’t come to you. Why not make it easier for them? Assess your social media needs and then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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