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Social Media Strategy for Any Industry

The goal of a social media strategy should be to share content that interests and engages your audience. You want to provide something useful, entertaining, or both. Whatever your industry, you have to determine what is of value to your target audience before you’ll see success in social media. After you’ve figured that out, you can implement some of the following tactics to continue to encourage that growth.

Establishing a Solid Social Media Strategy

To reach your goals, those goals have to first be well-defined. You can’t reach success if you haven’t decided what success means for your business, after all. Once you’ve done that, though, you can start to work on a detailed plan to get to that milestone.

One of the first parts of your social media strategy should be to monitor the competition. If they’re targeting similar audiences, then observing their campaigns might clue you into some things that do – and do not – work. You don’t want to take all of the same steps that they do, but keeping informed certainly can’t hurt.

When you start to share some content, make sure that at least some of it is original. People will still appreciate shared photos, videos, articles, and more that are on-target with their interests, but you’ll engage them even more meaningfully if you offer some pieces that are unique. Don’t worry so much about posting something original every day: it’s more important to be sharing something, and it’s definitely more important to wait for more quality pieces than to push content that won’t engage your audience.

Getting Interactive

Depending on your chosen social platform, there are usually elements of what are referred to as multimedia. These items can include “stories,” live streaming, polls, etc. Since these formats are a variant on the social platform’s standard method of use, people tend to get more excited about them. If you promote a video story on Instagram, for example, or set up a Twitter poll, then people are more likely to get engaged.

If you have a little bit of extra internal bandwidth – and a few employees who aren’t too shy – then you should create employee spotlights. These company promotions generate trust and familiarity between your business and your (potential) customers, and social media is a great place to give it a try. When your audience can put a face to the name, their feelings toward the brand are usually “warmer.” Have someone write and share a blog post that has some personal flair, or ask a few employees to go through a day in the life at their job. You’d be surprised the positive effect this can have on your social engagement!

Finding Your Voice

When you do start creating posts as part of your social media strategy, you want to develop a voice that is unique to your brand. At the very least, you want for your posts to have personality. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic or distracting, but try to incorporate a little bit of life into the text that you write. Most important is that this voice is aligned with the tone of your business, so don’t go overboard using more sarcastic language, for example, if you’re trying to get positioned as a family-friendly establishment.

Finally, if you’re going to utilize social media to please your audience, then you have to make sure you’re responding if and when they reach out directly. You may not be able to reply to each comment and compliment, but, at the very least, you have to make sure to address concerns or questions. If people are having issues, they can do a lot of damage if left unanswered, so take the time to reply to those users as quickly as you can, and regularly monitor your platforms for any such items.

If you want to learn more about creating a social media strategy that will produce stronger user engagement than ever, then get in touch with Eyler Creative today!


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