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Ahimsa Retreats Website Launch

Ahimsa Retreats was in need of a website redesign, and assistance with their PR and Social Media Marketing strategies, and what better time than the new year? Their new site highlights the retreat packages, beautiful Ayurvedic gardens and scenery, and cultural offerings Ahimsa Retreats has to offer. Eyler Creative created a visually appealing and fully-responsive website with consistent branding and concise copy that entices visitors to learn more. Click here to check out the stunning new website!

About Ahimsa Retreats

Dr. Daisy Kuchinad and her husband Chet Kuchinad founded Ahimsa Ayurvedic Garden in 2012 to preserve nearly 400 species of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants, including rare and endangered species. Ahimsa Gardens was first opened to the world in 2014, not only to offer a unique experience of authentic Ayurvedic medicine, but also to financially sustain Ahimsa Gardens in perpetuity. At Ahimsa Retreats you’ll wake up each day in a home surrounded by fragrant Ayurvedic gardens, watch the sunrise over misty mountains while doing yoga, and then receive on-site Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments tailored to your specific constitution and imbalances.

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