What It’s Like to be an Intern During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed a lot for everyone, but for college students, our entire world changed in a day.  After being sent home from college in March, leaving most of my belongings, all my friends, my classes, and professors behind, I found myself taking classes over zoom, from my childhood bedroom.  All of a sudden all of my plans for the summer and even my future had changed.

When COVID Hit

Before leaving school, I was searching for an internship to get more experience in my field of study, marketing, and public relations.  After COVID hit, a lot of internships were canceled, and tons of students found themselves without the internship they needed to graduate.  By the time I had given up on getting an internship and accepted that it wasn’t going to happen this year, I got an email from Eyler Creative, saying they would love to have me as an intern this summer.  I was so excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity and excited to get started.

My Experience

After my spring exams and classes concluded, I got started working remotely for Eyler.   They talked with me about my strengths and what I had studied in school, and what I might need more instruction on.   Throughout my internship, I was able to learn tons of new digital marketing skills, as well as develop my pre-existing skills.  I worked on graphics, blogs, social media outreach, email campaigns and so much more.

I can honestly say that this experience working with Eyler Creative has had a huge positive impact on my skills and confidence as a marketing and communications student.  I am so excited to return to the classroom this fall with my new skills and confidence in my abilities.  I know I will not forget or take for granted what I have gained from this opportunity.  And I am so grateful to Justin, Rebecca, Lindsay, and the whole Eyler team for giving me this opportunity and supporting and mentoring me along the way.

– Sophie P.

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