Vero: What You Need to Know (Part Two)

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Vero: What You Need to Know (Part Two)

The problem with so many smartphone apps (games, social media, or other) is that they rise rapidly into the spotlight and then fizzle out as quickly as they arrived. Only a select few have stood the test of time – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – while others have gone the way of Google+ and Foursquare. For Vero, the newest social media craze, we’ll have to wait and see if it’s innovative enough to survive.

What Are the Current Issues with Vero?

As discussed last week, Vero is the newest app to break through and rise into heavy media attention. “As of today, it has nearly 3 million, driven by frustration with Instagram and a feature set that its founder says enables a more authentic form of self-expression.” Of course, just because people are downloading the app and creating profiles doesn’t mean that they’re actively using it or that they will in the future; many downloads have been from those who wanted to get in early for the “free” part of the deal before it became a paid app.

There are issues that have since arisen beyond the previously-mentioned technical difficulties. “A controversy over Vero’s expansive terms of service, which gave the company wide latitude over how it used content uploaded by users, drove some new arrivals away.” As an example, those who upload their own art are finding that they don’t retain its rights and that it exists across Vero even if they delete their account. People who aren’t retaining ownership of their own creations in this way are, understandably, against the app.

There will always be people who download the new fad immediately in order to get in at the start and hold bragging rights as to how they were involved before many others. However, these and other, later users are still prone to abandoning ship when it’s no longer trendy and will return to well-established platforms, like Instagram, despite their frustrations with those older apps.

Shrugging off past Controversies

It seems almost backwards that there would be issues with those sharing creative works, since creative-types were one of the big audiences that made Vero popular in the first place. At the same time, there are claims that a lot of artists of all types are “coming on board,” so it’s questionable if the outrage among users is enough to shut it down. It may be that it does moderately well for a while before fading into obscurity, or that it implodes as a result of backlash.

The other issue surrounds the CEO: “Hariri’s past business dealings have received scrutiny” as people have “highlighted Hariri’s ties to a family construction firm which shut down last year after more than 30,000 workers sued it for unpaid wages.” On principal, many are turning away from Vero and returning to their other options for social media sharing. The man himself insists he had no involvement with the firm when that was taking place, and he still seems to be hopeful about the future of his platform.

Vero is still not charging users to download it, and since that was their original source of revenue, you may be wondering how they’re being supported. Apparently, “it makes money by taking an affiliate fee when someone buys books, movies, and other products they find on Vero,” so that is the current source. Perhaps they’ll start charging users for signing up at a certain point, but we have yet to see any indication that they’ll be returning to that original plan.

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