Vero: What You Need to Know (Part One)

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Vero: What You Need to Know (Part One)

You may have heard of it by now, but maybe not. The newest social media app to stir up a frenzy is called Vero. Self-described as “True Social,” this app aims to fix the growing list of problems that Instagram is causing for its users, as well as to generate a fresh social experience. So, what exactly is the Vero experience, and is it worth a download?

What’s All the Hype Surrounding Vero?

Even if you don’t use social media for personal use, it’s always worth looking into the new additions in order to determine if they would be helpful in a business scenario. Since Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and others are key to reaching a wider audience online, it makes sense for each company to spend a little time figuring out how these apps and platforms could play a role in their online marketing efforts.

“Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.” Some users have described it as a mix of other sites like Tumblr (a blogging platform) and Instagram. The website totes “smarter sharing,” connecting, searching, and more, emphasizing that there are no ads on the app and that it is the ideal place to share “authentically” with the people that you want to see your connect.

To this end, they offer greater control over who sees everything you post, rather than a one-size-fits-all audience. They claim to have customers in mind only, rather than advertisers, which has been the subject of great debate on other social media apps in recent history. On their website, you can read their “Manifesto,” which seems, perhaps, a bit more pretentious than others’ presentation of their mission and rules. However, this may just be the company proudly displaying the basis on which their app was founded: you decide.

Vero Comes Without Ads (and Without Functionality)

You may be wondering how Vero intends to make money without advertisements. This is a great question, and one that is answered in the form of their business model: as it was originally presented, Vero promised that its first million users would have free accounts, and those that followed would pay for a subscription. Since then, the app has passed that number… but, technical difficulties since launch have created snags for eager users. With most people barely being able to experiment in Vero, the creators have now announced that the app will be free until further notice in order to repay their patience. At some point, it will re-align with their original plan for a regular fee.

We’ve downloaded and tested the app for ourselves… to the degree that it’s possible. Since the only other users on my “feed” would be those I add, and since no one I know has the app yet, there’s no influx of regular content. At this early stage, I have to seek out the content of celebrities and artists in order to share it and begin to put together my own timeline of shared content. At this stage (and particularly with the technical problems), I’m not sure whether or not the app is more meant for me and my original posts, or if it’s supposed to be geared toward sharing others’. Either way, time will certainly tell.

You can download the app for free (for a limited time) at the moment. Next week, we’ll discuss the critical response to Vero and how that might shape its future.

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