Video Promotion Is a Winning Marketing Move

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Video Promotion Is a Winning Marketing Move

This is the time of video promotion. Snapchat, Facebook live, and Instagram Stories (just to name a few) are all examples of that. People like to experience their content these days in entertaining video clips of anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes long (though, remember that many viewers have short attention spans). Have you begun the process of testing out videos as marketing materials for your company yet?

Who Are You Making These Videos For?

Videos are being used by more than 3/4 of marketers at the moment. They’re being shared on social media more than any other media format. Perhaps most importantly, they’re providing high ROI for those who utilize them. For all of these reasons and more, not creating video content this year is a big mistake.

It’s important to have a variety of marketing formats, which means not abandoning your other pursuits – blogging, e-mail marketing, general social media marketing – in favor of video production and distribution. However, you absolutely should find a way to incorporate this into your strategy.

As always, that begins with figuring out who your target audience is (again, if you haven’t already). Make sure that you also “segment your target audience based on the goal of your campaign” rather than putting out videos that are meant to work for everyone within your audience, as it isn’t likely that this will be the case. Come up with a few different promotions and video spots that can appeal to your different demographics and you’ll be able to find the most success.

Something else that you may be relieved to hear is that you shouldn’t have to break the bank in utilizing video promotion. Sure, you’ll have to invest in them to some degree, but that doesn’t mean that all of your finances should be poured into this one endeavor. Particularly if you want to make more than one video, you should stick to a budget and shop around for how much what you envision will cost… and adjust that vision if necessary.

Organizing Your Video Promotion Efforts

What is your number one goal? As with everything else in marketing, this is essential for you to know and to have in the front of your mind as you work. “If you try to accomplish too many goals in one promotion, it’ll confuse your audience, and the engagement will suffer.” As such, break down your goal(s) into the smallest pieces possible with a simple message and single call to action. You can do multiple promotions, of course, but each one should have an individual feel to it.

Thinking of filming and editing your own video? Make sure that you’re prepared for the time and money that goes into this. Even more importantly, know that publishing a video of poor quality will leave a bad impression of your company, one that might not be worth what you saved on a professional video marketer. If you insist on creating everything in house, then be absolutely sure that you have the equipment and software for the job.

This one seems more obvious, but don’t try to improvise your way through the promo. Instead, put together a well thought-out script that covers all your points and which ends in a strong CTA. All of this will help to make the ad flow better, sound more natural, and to keep the process organized. Get together those on your staff whose ideas and experiences can add value to the promo creation and see what you can come up with as a team.

If you want some professional partners to aid in your efforts in creating a video promotion, then get in touch with Eyler Creative. We will work with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


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